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  1. Que es drama?
    La representacion artistica de una accion interesante de la vida humana
  2. Define mimesis
    imitacion de la vida
  3. Los partes integrantes del drama? Los dos planos del text dramatico?
    • plano textual (literario) = el dialogo y acatociones de escena
    • plano espectacular (extraliterario) = espacio esceneco 

    • a textual (literary) = dimensions of dialogue and scene
    • spectacular plane (extraliterary) = scene space
  4. Define dialogo
    el la lengua puesta en la lectura, oral, directo, y aprehendido en la representacion
  5. Cuantos tipos de dialogo hay y cuales son?
  6. Define soliloquio (monologo)
    Se desarrolla cuando el personaje esta solo en escena y pues, un dialogo con un solo emisor

    It develops when the character is alone on stage and then a dialogue with a single speaker
  7. Define un heroe tragico
    Es un hombre que sin ser eminentemente virtuoso ni justo, viene a caer en desgracia, no por se maldad o perversidad, sino como consecuencia de alguna debilidad, de algun error cometido

    He is a man without being eminently virtuous and just, is to fall from grace, is not wicked or evil, but because of some weakness or some mistake
  8. Que es catarsis?
    Purificacion que opera la tragedia en el espectador por medio de la compasion y el miedo

    Purification operating tragedy on the spectator through pity and fear
  9. Que funcion tienen las acotaciones? 
    (stage directions)
  10. Define metateatro
    El teatro dentro del teatro
  11. Define comedia
    Obra dramatica de ambiente divertido con un final feliz; tambien ena obra dramatica en general
  12. Define tragedia
    imatacion de una accion grave que provaca terror y compassion

    imitation of a serious action that causes terror and compassion
  13. ¿Qué es un entremés y cuál es su función?
    • (intermedium) intermedio
    • significar una obra de teatro corta, de caracter comico, que se representaba en el intermedio (intermission) de las obras serias para aligerar la gravedad de la accion

    a short play, in comedy, which is represented in the intermission of serious works to ease the severity of the action
  14. Explica teatro del absurdo.
    • It is characterized by frames that seem meaningless, dialogues repetitive and lack of dramatic sequence that often create an atmospheredream . 
    • The theater of the absurd has strong features existentialists and questions the society and man . 
    • Through humor, myth and hid a demanding attitude toward his art . 
    • The inconsistency, nonsense and illogic are also very representative features of these works.
  15. ¿Para qué sirve el coro (griego)?
    What is the chorus (Greek)?
    concerning the people, kept in the Greek drama as an important role because it was an intermediary between actors and spectators and also represented the view of the playwright, who maneuvered through the chorus of public emotions.
  16. ¿Cómo podemos entender <<lo grotesco>> en cuanto al drama?
    a subgenre syncretic dramatic grown in Argentina . Its creation is attributed to theater director and playwright Armando Discépolo with his work known as majestic and popular Mateo. Within it converge from the Italian grotesque to the farce Creole , and the spirit of the theater for hours in Spain .

  17. ¿Qué es humor negro?
    black humor is a type of mood that is exercised about things that raise, seen from another perspective, pity, terror, pity or similar emotions. Questions social situations which are generally serious by satire . The most recurrent issue in black humor is the death and all that is connected with it. It concerns the darker themes and painful to humans and that, as a rule, tend to be controversial and contentious society as they relate to the moral . Some examples might be: the great tragedies, social norms, thesex , the killings , the suicide , the diseases , the poverty , the madness , the terror , the racism , the drug addiction , the violation, the disabled , the war , the religion , the politics , etc., but represented in comic form.
  18. Describe estructura externa
    la unidad basica de la estructura dramatica es la escena; se entra o sale un nuevo personaje, se produce otra escena

    the basic unit of dramatic structure is the scene entering or exiting a new character, there is another scene
  19. Describe la estructura de la accion dramatica
    • se entiende por accion dramatica el conjunto de elementos que contribuyen al desarollo de la trama de la obra dramatica
    • el orden
    • se levanta el telon es trascendente
    • espectador conociera la historia que se iba a respresentar

    • dramatic action is defined as the set of elements that contribute to the development of the plot of the playorder
    • Curtain up is transcendent
    • audience knew the story was going to represent
  20. Cuales son las partes integrantes de la estructura de la accion?
    • la exposicion
    • el incidente o complicacion
    • el nudo o climax
    • el desenlace (outcome)

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