GCSE Geography

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  1. Draw and label a butler tourist area life cycle model 
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  2. How can we remember the 6 stages of the butler area life cycle model 
    • Every Igloo Doesn't Contain Small Rodents or Dogs 
    • e = exploration 
    • i = involvement 
    • d = development
    • c = consolidation 
    • s = stagnation 
    • r = rejuvenation 
    • d = decline 
  3. What does the butler area life cycle model show 
    The growth and decline of a tourist resort , it shows the journey of a Tourist resort from birth to death or rejuvenation 
  4. Domestic tourism is 
    Going on holiday in your own country 
  5. Top 6 destinations 
    • France 
    • spain 
    • usa 
    • china 
    • italy 
    • uk 
  6. People are attracted to cities by 
    Culture , entertainment and shopping 
  7. People are attracted to coastal areas by 
    Beaches and activities 
  8. People are attreacted to mountain areas by 
    Scenery and activities 
  9. Why is tourism increasing 
    • more disposable income 
    • 2 working parents 
    • Smaller families 
    • more paid holiday 
    • longer life expectancy 
    • cheaper/easier travel 
    • Internet booking/advertising 
    • more unusual tourist destinations/attractions 
  10. Why is tourism important 
    • Provides local jobs for people 
    • Increases income of other businesses that supply tourist industry 
    • for some countries it is the main contributor to GNP 
  11. UK tourism 
    • Earns over 80 billion a year 
    • popular because countryside , historic landmarks , churches , cathedrals , castles and palaces 
    • employs over a million people
  12. Factors that influence the number of tourists 
    • Weather 
    • World economy - if it is worse , fewer overseas visitors more domestoc tourists 
    • exchange rates - if the pound is low the UK may be cheaper to visit so there will be more overseas visitors
    • terrorism 
    • major events such as the Olympics 
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