Animal Science Final 2

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  1. Animal Domestication occured when?
    Over 6,000 years ago
  2. Cattle are considered sacred in what country?
  3. Amount of nutrients to put on one pound of grain is?
    Feed Conversion
  4. What country is still considered a developing country?
  5. Cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, and camels are all what?
  6. Pigs, Chicken, Horses, and Humans all have a what in common?
    Monogastric Stomach
  7. Sheep can be raised and thrive in what type of climates?
    Dry and Arid
  8. What meat is considered as the poor man's meat?
  9. Half of the swine in the world are in what country?
  10. What three things decide what a country eats?
    Religion, Economics, and Preferences
  11. What type of coutries have a diet composed mainly of plants?
  12. About what percentage of the world is pasture/range land?
  13. What percentage of US land is used for grazing?
  14. We are able to put on lean muscular gain at: higher or lower weights?
    Higher Weights
  15. The number one thing influencing frame size is what?
  16. What percentage of the world population depends on animals to move goods?
  17. What state is the leader in terms of Agriculture?
  18. What state is considered second in agriculture due to their; hogs, corn, and soybeans?
  19. What state is considered third leader in agriculture?
  20. What does the United Sates Import?
    Ground Beef
  21. What is the US one commodity?
  22. True or False: The more quickly you can change supply/demand, the more stable the market will become.
    False, The more quickly you can change supply/demand, the more volatile the market will become.
  23. When supply is high compared to demand what happens; prices increase or decease?
    Prices Decrease
  24. When demand is high compared to supply; prices decrease or increase?
    Prices Increase
  25. Tibial Hemimelia, and Arthrogyposis Mutiplex are defects caused by what?
  26. Breeding stock producers are also considered?
    Seedstock Producers
  27. How you compare one animal to the next is also called?
    Expected Proginy Difference
  28. Operations where they own cows, raise calves, and market cattle at weaning are called?
    Commercial cow-calf Operations
  29. Majority of cattle producers are found at what stage?
    Commercial Cow-Calf Producers
  30. Someone who buys weaned calves is considered?
    Stocker Operator
  31. True or False: Feed lots take on 8-9 weight cattle and put on cheap gains with a high energy source.
  32. Cattle ready to be harvested are found where?
  33. People who are running cattle for tax exemption are considered?
    Weekend Warriors/ Farmers
  34. Top five States for feedlot operations:
    • 1. Texas
    • 2. Kansas and Nebraska
    • 3.Colorado and Iowa
  35. Top Five states for cow-calf production;
    • 1. Texas
    • 2. Oklahoma
    • 3. Missouri
    • 4. Nebraska
    • 5. South Dakota
  36. Young Male sheep is called?
    Ram/Ram Lamb
  37. Young castrated sheep is called?
  38. Young Female sheep?
    Ewe Lamb
  39. Female sheep over year of age?
  40. Mature Male sheep, intact is called?
    Ram/ Ram Buck
  41. Mature Castrated Male sheep is called?
  42. Intact Male Goat?
    Bucks/ Billy
  43. Castrated Male Goat?
  44. Female Goat?
    Doe/ Nanny
  45. Sheep and Goat industry originated where?
  46. Cgraze short/tall grasses?
  47. Sheep graze short/tall grasses?
  48. Goats graze what?
    Browse(shrubs) and forbs(broadleaf plants)
  49. The US imports lamb from where?
    Australia and New Zealand
  50. What is the World Goat Number?
    736 Million
  51. Where is the central goat production located?
    China and India
  52. What state has the largest ewe breeding population?
  53. Large flocks that are low maintnance and left alone til it is time to weane feeder lambs are considered?
    Range Flocks
  54. Smaller flocks that produce lambs ready ofr slaughter are considered?
    Farm Flocks
  55. The major sectors of sheep/goat breeding are:
    • Purebred Breeders - produce seedstock¬†
    • Commercial Lamb Producers - produce market ready lambs
    • Commercial Feedlot Operators - increase weight of lambs before slaughter
  56. Young Intact Male Swine?
  57. Young Castrated Male Swine?
  58. Young Female Swine?
  59. Mature Female Swine?
  60. Birth in pigs is also known as?
  61. Parturition is_______?
    Giving Birth
  62. What percentage of the swine population is located in China?
  63. The Corn Belt in the US produces what percentage of swine?
  64. Top Five States of Swine Production;
    • Iowa
    • North Carolina
    • Minnesota
    • Illinois
    • Indiana
  65. What swine sector produces salable pigs?
    Feeder-Pig Production
  66. What sector of the swin industry purchases pigs and feeds until slaughter?
    Feeder-Pig Finishing
  67. Farrow to Finish operators are considered; growing or collapsing sector?
    Growing Sector
  68. The efficiency of reproduction is measured by?
    Number of offspring a female produces
  69. What is considered at least twice as important as growth in all livestock?
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