Sign Language 1

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  1. Regina Olson Hughes
    • deaf scientifc illustrator
    • attended Gallaudet
    • deat @ age 14
    • learned german, french, spanish, portuguese, italian, and some latin
    • orchid painting permantly on view @smithsonian
    • recieved honarary doctorated from Gallaudet
    • only deaf artist to have a solo exhibition at smithsonian
  2. getting others attention
    • shoulder tap
    • waving
    • using an intermediary
  3. origins of asl
    1600's martha's vineyard had high # of deaf people, signing formed, and a major influence from french sign language
  4. Myths about ASL
    • it isnt a visual code for english
    • isnt a language of pictures and pantomime
    • isnt a universal language understood by all signers
  5. Douglas Tilden
    • from sanfrancisco
    • 1st californian sculptor to attain recognitiong and fame outside of U.S
    • deaf at 4yrs old from scarlet fever
    • deaf school at 5yrs old
    • chopping was his mentor
    • VP of internation deaf congress at 1st convention in Paris
    • helped organize CA Assoc. of deaf
    • activist against suppresion of sign language for educating deaf children
    • died of heart failure
    • called the michelangelo of the American West
    • one of his most famous sculptors The Bear Hunt is on california school for the deaf campus
    • remembered in the art world as a standard bearer for the spirit of the American West
  6. Negotiating a signing environment
    • walk through
    • use touch
    • ask person to move
  7. Deaf Community
    • 25 million who are deaf or have hearing loss, 10% use sign as primary language
    • ADA: views deaf as disabled linguistic minority
    • syntax of sign is different
    • DPN: 1988 never had a president been deaf
    • NAD
    • AAAD: American athletic association of the deaf: have world games
    • Ways to show respect- willingness to learn, adopt and accept, deaf are not disabled
  8. strategies for learning ASL
    • 1. Build a language community
    • 2. minimize reliance on english as you listen or converse in ASL
    • 3. Focus on meaning rather than individual signs
    • 4. Focus on signer's face, not on hands for two reasons; alot of grammar is in facial expressions and its considered rude to look away from face
    • 5. show you understand the signer
  9. andrew foster
    • first of 3 black deaf students enrolled at gallaudet
    • established 1st school for the deaf in Accur, Africa
    • established 31 schools for deaf in 13 countries
    • communication is key to education
  10. ways of communicating w/others
    • signing
    • gestures
    • writing or typing
    • third person
    • lipreading & speech
    • overall all goal is to communicate
  11. Gallaudet
    • in washington d.c
    • established in 1864 by Lincoln
    • President of Univ. signs diploma
    • thomas gallaudet
  12. Visual Way of Learning
    • open space is ideal
    • good lighting
    • mirrors strategically placed to make obstructed parts of rooms visible and to see who's approaching
    • video phones and computers integrated everywhere possible
    • alterting systems to signal doorbell or the phone ringing or baby crying
  13. Marie Jean Philip
    • fought to have deaf childen learn through ASL
    • Went to ASD in Hartford Conn.
    • ASL teacher at Harvard and MIT
    • early advocate for ASL as a recognized language, 1980's and raised awareness on a national and international level
    • broke new gound in bilingual bicultural education using ASL to teach children written English
  14. American school for the Deaf
    • in hartford conneticut
    • nation's first deaf school
    • founded by laurent Clec and Thomas Gallaudet
  15. Clayton Valli
    • motivating force in recognition of ASL poetry as a genre of literature in its own right
    • best know works include dandelion, snowflake, and lone sturdy tree
    • taught at gallaudet
    • pioneer in researching and raising awareness of ASL poetry
  16. number of people in U.S who have a hearing loss
    25 million
  17. # of people who use ASL as primary language
  18. Deaf Community Includes
    • people w/ a hearing loss who use ASL as primary lang.
    • hearing people who are fluent in ASL
  19. 2 views of deafness
    • Medical Vies: deafness is a disability that needs to be corrected. Focus is on the inability to hear. held by Audiologists, speech paths, and physicians, and special educators
    • Cultural View: deaf people see themselves as a lingusitic and cultural minority with their own distinct language, arts, schools, and social organizations
  20. American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
    • signed by George Bush
    • includes Deaf people with other disability group. but deaf people don't see themselves as deaf
  21. Deaf President Now
    • protest at Gallaudet for a Deaf president.
    • they wanted to be represented by a Deaf president
    • hearing board chose a hearing president who had no experience with deaf people and didn't know sign
    • other 2 candidates both deaf were not chosen
    • revolt shut down school for days until board chose a deaf president, Dr. I. King Jordan
  22. National Association of the Deaf (NAD)
    • 22,000 members
    • political and social
  23. Requisites for entering the Deaf community
    • accept view that deaf are a linguistic and cultural minority, not a group of disabled people
    • respect and learn ASL
  24. Do's of interacting w/ deaf people without interpreter
    • maintain eye contact
    • use paper and pencil for clear interaction
    • admit when you dont understand
    • use appropriate ways to get their attention
    • use terms deaf or hard of hearing
    • treat deaf people as individuals
  25. dont's of interacting with deaf people without interpreter
    • cover your face when talking
    • shout
    • assume deaf person can lip read
    • assume the presence of a hearing aid means the can understand speech
    • allow others to interrupt
    • correct the deaf person's english because it is mosts 2nd language
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