Micro lab final

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  1. what is negrosin for?
    negative staining
  2. negative staining
    background dark, cell light.  Cell repels negative charge.  Morphology. 
  3. gram staining
    + to stain cell itself, sticks to ecll wall. Thick PGW is positive, thin PGW, thick LPS is negative. 
  4. Endospore staining
    nearly pointless unless dealing with bacillus.  Add steam to cause panic/formation.  Malachite green for spores, saffranin for vegetative cells
  5. malachite green
    endospores in endospore stain
  6. saffranin
    2nd stain in gram, second stain in endospore
  7. carbohydrate tubes
    glucose, sucrose and lactose with a pH indicater
  8. glucose
    monosaccharide good for differentiating.  Simple. 
  9. sucrose
  10. lactose
    fermented by enteric organisms, usually
  11. citrate slant
    citrate salts as carbon source.  utilize difficult environment and break down salts (increase in +ions makes acidic color change
  12. starch
    hyrdolyze starch or turn black with iodine.  Usually means it's living in the earlier part of the digestive tract
  13. skim milk
    protein (casein) hydrolysis. 
  14. spirit blue
    lipid hydrolysis (creates lipidase). 
  15. Selective media
    chooses one--qualitative.  Yes or NO
  16. PEA
    Selective media for gram +.  Broth is better than plate.  Kills gram - with alcohol
  17. EMB
    Selective for gram -, differential for lactose fermentation (green metalic ++, purple +, no color no lactose ferm). 
  18. Differential media
    Quantitative.  Yes or no, but also how much.
  19. MAC
    like EMB but contains bile salts.  Differential for lactose fermentation (purple) but also selective for gram - and selective for enterics. 
  20. MSA
    mannitol salt agar.  Has high levels of salt, so selevtive for facultative halophiles.  Differentiates for mannitol (7-C alcohol) fermentation. 
  21. Blood hemolysis
    • alpha: "incomplete".  Alters RBCs
    • beta: complete destruction of RBCs
    • gamma: no hemolysis
  22. catalase
    can it turn H2O2 into O2?  Protect itself.  Make catalase. 
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