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  1. What is the nitrogen cycle?
    THe nitrogen cycle is a nitrogen gas fixed or changed into forms of nitrogen that plants can use .Thest forms are nittrates and namona.
  2. What are two forms of nitrogen that plants and animals can use?
    Nitrates and namona.
  3. Were can nitrogen can be found?
    In the earths atmosphere.
  4. How can nitrogen can be fixed?
    By lightning and bactrea in the soil and the nodules or small lumps on the roots our plants.
  5. what is  carbon oxygen cycle?
  6. the process of moving carbon and oxegen among the invirment.
  7. THe cycle of carbon and oxygen through the invirment depends on what two process?
    Photosynthasis and resperation.
  8. what is resparation ?
    Reperation is the process that releases energy from food.
  9. What area on Earths contains90% of the organisms that get there food through photosynsasis?
    Through the ocean.
  10. __________________ is whan the plant chanhes sunlight into food and oxygen for animals.
  11. Organisims in the ocean take in _______________and releases oxygen?
    carbon dioxide.
  12. All oceans organisms use oxygen and releasecarbon dioxide during ________
  13. Petrolem is created by?
    Over one million of years carbon dioxide releases ocean organisms.
  14. During resperation What is released?
    carbon dioxide.
  15. The releases of carbon dioxide and the take of oxygen is called?
  16. solar energy is what?
    • Solor energy is the process of the sunlight providing energy through 
    • photosynsasisin plants.
  17. oxygen is used in the _______of fuiles such as coul?
  18. as defoforstion occured the carbon dioxide in the plants became?
  19. CArbon is the byproduct of?
  20. Solor csrbon is stored in what?
    decaying organisms
  21. What breaks down tisues of dead animals and plants to use carbon as food?
    Fungi and Bacteria
  22. What are some Changes to the balence of carbon dioxide 
    • deforstation
    • industrial Revalution 
    • growing cities 
    • farming 
    • building homes 
    • human needs 
    • paper cardbourd
  23. What is the result of destation ?
    Excess Carbon dioxide 
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