Soc 134 Ch. 12

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  1. Sexism
    a system of beliefs that assert the inferiority of one sex and that justify discrimination based on gender- that is one feminine or masculine behavior
  2. patriarchies
    • a male dominated society
    • exist everywhere
    • cultural beliefs and values typically give higher prestige and importance to men than to women
  3. matriarchies
    • societies that give preference to women 
    • rare in contemporary world
  4. Objectification
    being treated like objects rather than people
  5. institutional sexism
    the subordination of women that is part of the everday workings of social institutions
  6. pay equity
    pay for particular jobs shouldn't be low simply because those jobs happen to be filled predominantly by women.
  7. sex
    biological maleness or femaleness
  8. gender
    psycholgical, social and cultural aspects of malesness and femaleness

    Something people do
  9. Gender Socialization
    process through which one learns how to act according to the rules and expectations of a particular cultue regarding gender
  10. Borderwork
    cross-sex activity that strengthens boundaries between girls and boys
  11. Boys popularity factors
    athletic abilitiy, coolness, toughness, savoir-faire, interest in and romantic success with girls'

    Academic success can be negative
  12. Girls popularity factors
    family background, physical attractiveness, social skills
  13. Why do men make more than women?
    • 1. Different work patterns
    • 2. occupational segregation
    • 3. occupation-wide pay discrimination
    • 4. promotion gap
  14. Most underpaid jobs
    Jobs requiring nurturing skills
  15. Pay equity
    principle that women and men who perform jobs that are of equal value to society and that require equal training ought to be paid equally
  16. Three studies that illustrate men using violence to defend masculine identity
    • Luckenbill's study of homicide to save face
    • katz's study of stick-up artists
    • Ahten's Study of violent criminals 
  17. Party Rape
    an acquaintance rape that "occurs at an off-campus house or on- or off-campus fraternity and involves... plying a woman with alcohol or targeting an intoxicated woman"
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