Soc 134 Ch. 14

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  1. anomie
    condition in which rapid change has dirupted society's ability to adequately regulate and control its members and the old rules that governed people's lives no longer seem to apply
  2. countermovement
    collective action designed to prevent or reverse changes sought or accomplishedby an earlier social movement
  3. cultural diffusion
    process by which beliefs, technology, customs, and other elements of culture spread from one group or society to another
  4. global climate change
    steady rise in Earth's average temperature as a result of increasing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
  5. ideology
    coherent system of beliefs, values, and ideas
  6. postindustial society
    society in which knowlege, the control of information, and service industries are more important elements of the economy than agriculture or manufacturing and production. 
  7. reform movement
    collective action that seeks to change limited aspects of a society but does not seek to alter or replace major social institutions
  8. revolutionary movement
    collective action that attempts to overthrow an entire social system and replace it with another
  9. social movement
    continuous, large scale, organized collectve action motivated by the desire to enact, stop, or reverse change in some area of society
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