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  1. Church offers coffee and donuts to people waiting for services. How do you work with them to encourage this change? What theoretical approaches influence your strategy?
    • Organizational Theory / Stage Theory - social influence change norms
    • Gauge interest, find gatekeeper / champion
    • Findout issues (likes, costs, etc.)
    • Other church group, trial period
    • Donate time/goods
    • Framing message (+)
    • Buy-in for overall message, long-term sustainable
  2. Exercise physiologist wants to introduce Tai Chi class into local assisted living facilities.
    • Dissemination theory; self-efficacy (SCT)Diffusion of Innovation - competitive advantage
    • Early adopter model - opinion leaders, best practices
    • Supplement existing programs
    • Norms (address)
    • Adapt facilities
    • Trial ability
    • Packaging/framing
    • Involve high level director
  3. Members of a local community organization want to work toward getting improvements to the sidealks in the city so people can walk around town more safely.
    • Community Coalition Action Theory
    • Public Policy
    • Coalition; collaborative communication
    • Formative research - who has to be involved, wants to be involved
    • Communication, traffic, property rights
    • Cost
    • Members, steps, organized, goals, needs assessment, feasibility, motivation, long-term plan
    • Act as and expert and advise
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