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  1. Students chronically arriving late for class is one of Professor Reily's pet peeves because:
    E) All of the Above
  2. Companies that screen job applicants for values have higher performance than those that screen for intelligence
    B) False
  3. Which of the following would not be considered an organization
    D) All adults in a given community
  4. Which of the following is least likely to be considered a manager?
    E) an IT technician who enables communication between all of a company's employees.
  5. On which of the following problems would an OB study be least likely to focus?
    C) a decrease in sales due to growing foreign competition
  6. Which of the following is NOT an example of Surface Level Diversity?
    C) Salary at previous job
  7. Which statement is TRUE about the managers or university students who took the Assessment on Attitudes toward Workplace Diversity?
    B) All of the managers were realists or optimists.
  8. Which of the following is TRUE about individuals with high self-efficacy
    E) All of the Above
  9. According to Robbins and Judge the three major components of Attitude are?
    C) Cognitive, Affective, Behavioral
  10. Dr. Shawn Achor makes a number of assertions about happiness, which of the following is NOT true:
    B) Happiness rises with economic wealth
  11. What is another term for cross-training?
    E) Job rotation
  12. Beyond redesigning the nature of the work itself and involving employees in decisions, another approach to making the work enviornment more motivating is to alter work arrangements.  Which of the following is designed to give an employee greater control of their schedule?
    A) Flex time
  13. Which of the following is a job that does not lend itself to telecommuting?
    C) a car salesman who demonstrates the features of a new model of car
  14. Much of the compensation of traders at Synalco, a metals trading company, is in the form of stock options.  The amount of options distributed in based on the company's net profits.  What sort of compensation plan is this?
    A) profit sharing
  15. Laura only makes minimum wage, but she loves her job.  Her supervisor regularly compliments her and she has been chosen cmployee of the month twice this year.  Which of the following is Laura's attitude most likely a function of?
    A) Recognition
  16. Which of the following is not one of Daniel Pink's better ways of motivating people to do things?
    D) Sweeter carrots
  17. Procrastination is always negative?
    B) False
  18. According to Maslow, when does a need stop motivating?
    A) When it is substantially satisfied
  19. How would a Theory X manager view employees?
    B) needing to be coerced to achieve goals
  20. Tony loves programming.  He was on the ground level of the computer revolution.  This year his boss has set personal goals for each of the programmers, one of which includes a presentation from each programmer about a project.  Tony is very annoyed because he has a tremendous amount of work to do and he'll have to spend the weekend, his personal time, preparing the presentation.  Taking into account self-determination theory, why did his boss' goals and the presentation reduce Tony's motivation?
    E) The externally imposed goal feels coercive, causing Tony's intrinsic motivation to suffer.
  21. Which of the following should you NOT do to avoid rash decisions?
    D) Identify every possible alternative
  22. Which of the following are included in the three components model of creativity?
    A) Expertise, creative thinking skills and intrinsic task motivation
  23. Which of the following can managers do to improve their decision making?
    E) All of the above
  24. Which of the following is an example of anchoring bias?
    C) Fixating on initial information and not adjusting for subsequent information. 
  25. Whihc of the following will NOT reduce biases and errors in decision making?
    C) Look for meaning in random events
  26. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about people with high Emotional Intelligence?
    B) They have difficulty making effective sales presentations
  27. Which statement is NOT TRUE about emotions in organizations?
    E) Emotional decisions are not rational
  28. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Machiavellian personalities?
    A) They are obsessed with achievement numbers
  29. Which of the following are NOT included in the Big Five dimensions?
    C) Intelligence
  30. Which of the following is NOT a dominant work value of "Nexters" those who entered the workforce after 2000 and are under age 30?
    A) they dislike rules
  31. Emotional intelligence is so critical to effective leadership because one of its core components is
    B) empathy
  32. If behavioral leadership theories are correct, then
    D) Leadership can be taught
  33. Based on the contingency theory, if the leadership style does not match the situation, you should
    D) either A or B
  34. Which of the following would best serve as evidence to support the conclusion that an individual is an authentic leader?
    The leader inspires a great deal of trust in his or her followers.
  35. Darius is a training manager for a large retail clothing store.  He is organizing a leadership development institute for the company's top executives.  Though there are 35 executives who might potentially benefit from the training, the institue can only accommodate 20 participants.  Which of the following participants should darius invite to attend in order to be sure to maximize the success of the training?
    C) leaders who are high self-monitors
  36. What are the five stages of group development?
    D) forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
  37. Which of the following is NOT a finding of Elton Mayo's Hawthorne studies?
    D) competition between groups will maximize group output
  38. _____ results in a level of performance that is greater than the sum of the individual inputs.
    A) Synergy
  39. ____ teams are an effective way to allow people from diverse areas within an organization to exchange information, develop new ideas and solve problems, and coordinate complex projects.
    C) Cross-functional
  40. Teams comprised of members who enjoy being part of a group can be quite effective.  However research has indicated that as little aas one person with a negative attitude toward working in a groups can hurt team performance.  Why?
    E) All three reasons listed above are true
  41. Communication serves all the following functions within a group or organization EXCEPT _____
    B) Planning
  42. Today Marci's boss entered her cubicle and told her that her work has been fantastic, and that because of her last project the client is going to give the company all the their business. Marci's boss continued to talk about what a great job she's doing.  When her boss left Marci felt very confident and satisfied with herself and her job.  Marci's boss uses communication in which of the following functions?
    B) Motivation
  43. If no one is aware of conflict, it is generally agreed that___.
    C) no conflict exists
  44. In assessment II.A.1 you examined your face to face communication style.  You were encouraged to consider to what degree your scores aid or hinder your communication effectiveness.  Which of the following is NOT TRUE of this assessment:
    D) A high score on contentiousness could be a detriment for a trial lawyer because you might fail to understand the other side's point of view.
  45. In assessment II.C.5 you examined your preferred conflict-handling style and learned that ideally we should adjust our conflict handling style to the situation.  Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE:
    D) Avoiding conflict is never a good tactic because the conflict will simply fester and eventually explode.
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