pizza and salads

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  1. margherita pizza
    fresh roma tomatoes, garlic , mozzarella , and fresh basil 
  2. pizza bianca
    alfredo sauce toped with a blend of four popular cheeses 
  3. roasted garlic chicken
    a combo of roasted garlic , sauteed chicken , and mozzarella 
  4. tre carni 
    • (meat lovers) 
    • pepperoni , italian  sausage , and roasted meatballs with mozzarella cheese 
  5. buffalo chicken pizza
    martinated buffalo style chicken combined with garlic creamy alfredo sauce and mozzerella 
  6. bbq chicken
    hickory smoked bbq sauce roasted chicken mozzarella cheese carmalized red onions and fresh cilantro
  7. vendure (veggie lovers)
    green peppers, mushrooms , caramilized red onions and black olives plus mozzarella and fresh basil atop our signature pizza sauce
  8. classic pizza 
    all specialty pizzas are 10 or 16 all 10' pizzas avalaible in gluten free
  9. the works 
    pepperoni , sausage bacon, red onions mushrooms, green peppers and mozz
  10. veggie toppings
    • mushrooms, black olives green peppers caramilized red onions fresh basil fresh cilantro
    • 1 dollar each
  11. meat toppings
    pepperoni, itialian sausage , roasted meatballs
  12. blt cobb salad
    crisp greens with marinated mesquite chicken breast and topped with applewood smoked bacon fresh avacado, diced tomatos , chhopped red onions and candied pecans served with rancg
  13. sante fe grilled chicken salad
    crisp salad greens with diced grilled fajita chicken jack and cheddar cheeses black beans pico de gallo and tortilla strips tossed in chipotle ranch dressings and topped with sour creaqm and cilantro
  14. garden salad
    fresh chilled salad greens diced tomatos jack and cheddar cheeses and red onions rings with your choice of dressings
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