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  1. ____ refers to the process of selecting part of an image.
  2. A ____ graphic consists of a set of instructions for re-creating a picture.
  3. A MIDI sequence contains all of the following EXCEPT ____
    a wavetable
  4. Each ____ uses a unique compression algorithm that allows the user to specify the compression ratio and/or bitrate used when compressing video
  5. Voice-overs and narrations are often recorded with a sampling rate of 11 KHz, which means that 11,000 samples are taken ____.
    per second
  6. Which of the following is NOT a technique used to produce video footage that will maintain good quality as it is edited and processed?
    Zoom in and out quickly.
  7. Graphics files that contain both bitmap and vector data are called ____.
  8. Copy ____ management is a digital watermark that specifies the number of times a content stream can be duplicated.
  9. A ____ is a smooth blending of shades from one color to another or from light to dark.
  10. In 2009, Apple announced that the application shown in the accompanying figure would distribute ____-free music.
  11. One way to transfer photo data from a camera directly to a computer is via ____.
    FireWire ports
  12. ____ is the process of recording a broadcast so that it can be played back at a more convenient time.
    Time shifting
  13. Today’s ____ editing simply requires a computer hard disk and video editing software.
  14. A vector graphic can quite easily be converted into a bitmap graphic through a process called ____.
  15. One minute of CDDA music requires in excess of ____ of storage space.
    10 MB
  16. A ____ watermark is a pattern of bits inserted at various places in an image or a content stream that can be used to track, identify, verify, and control content use.
  17. A ____ palette contains a standard set of colors used by most Internet Web browsers.
  18. You can connect most standard microphones to your computer through the microphone socket or ____ port.
  19. A ____ bit in a monochrome bitmap represents black.
  20. Which of the following has been slow to catch on as a popular standard?
    Ogg Vorbis
  21. ____ is a graphics format with built-in compression that stores True Color bitmap data very efficiently in a small file
  22. The ____ bitmap graphics file format compresses bitmap data without losing any data and supports trillions of colors.
  23. Originally, the application in the accompanying figure used a technology called FairPlay, which stored music in a protected ____ format.
  24. A(n) ____ specifies a geographical area of legitimate use for DVD disks and players.
    region code
  25. All of the following are examples of video editing software EXCEPT ____.
    Adobe Illustrator
  26. A resolution of 1600 x 1200 could also be expressed as ____ megapixels.
  27. ____ is a well-known DRM technology designed to encrypt and control the use of content stored on DVDs.
  28. Which of the following is a file extension you might find on a vector graphic filename?
  29. ____ is a popular format for Web-based video that requires Adobe Flash Player.
    Flash video
  30. ____ prevents DVDs from being successfully duplicated by end-users using standard copy utilities.
  31. Signal ____ is a term commonly used for obscuring cable or satellite television images until they are restored by a set-top box or other authorized mechanism.
  32. Digital video file formats are sometimes referred to as ____ formats.
  33. ____ is a DRM technology designed to encrypt and protect content on optical discs, like Blu-ray discs.
  34. You have just decreased the number of pixels, resolution, and file size of your graphic by selecting a portion of the image. What have you done to your graphic?
    You have cropped your graphic.
  35. ____ is a collection of techniques that copyright holders use to limit access to and use of digital content.
  36. The ____ bitmap graphics format is popular for Web graphics.
  37. A ____ graphic is composed of a grid of dots.
  38. The ____ format offers very good sound quality based on the MPEG-4 format.
  39. Professionals opt to have at least ____ of RAM on their computer’s hard disk.
    4 GB
  40. Forcing users to pay for licenses before accessing content is sometimes referred to as ____ distribution.
  41. If you have dialed Directory Assistance lately to obtain a telephone number, you have probably encountered ____.
    speech recognition
  42. The size of the file that holds a bitmap depends on its resolution and ____.
    color depth
  43. The quality of a bitmap graphic is ____ dependent.
  44. ____ can be used to create the illusion of three dimensions by smoothly blending shades from one color to another or from light to dark.
  45. A True Color or 24-bit bitmap can produce a maximum of ____ colors.
    16.7 million
  46. When a bitmap graphic is enlarged, it still retains its original ____.
  47. Footage can originate from a ____.
    all of the above
  48. Which of the following file formats is supported by most Web browsers?
  49. ____ protection refers to technologies designed to prohibit consumers from copying content.
  50. The process of covering a wireframe with surface color and texture is called ____.
  51. Which of the following is NOT a copy protection technology?
    Copy Manager
  52. You plan to create a cartoon-like image of a computer to be used in a flyer for your school’s computer lab. What type of graphic would you most likely use?
    A vector graphic
  53. ____ shifting is the process of converting media files from a format suitable to one device to a format suitable for a different kind of device.
  54. The process of converting analog video signals into a digital format is referred to as ____.
    video capture
  55. Vector graphics software is sometimes referred to as ____ software.
  56. Which of the following requires Windows Media Player 9 or above?
  57. A(n) ____ is a device that contains a variety of input and output jacks, plus audio-processing circuitry.
    sound card
  58. The ____ vector graphics format was designed specifically for the Web so that the graphics are automatically resized when displayed on different screens or when printed.
  59. ____ software locates the edges of objects in a bitmap image and converts the resulting shapes into vector graphic objects.
  60. Popular codecs include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
  61. Which of the following is NOT true of broadcast flags?
    They are intended to promote the use of digital video recorders, like TiVo.
  62. One clue that an image might be a ____ graphic is a flat, cartoon-like quality.
  63. The audio CDs you buy at your favorite music store are recorded at a sampling rate of ____.
    44.1 kHz
  64. A ____ bitmap would be displayed by manipulating the pattern of "off" and "on" pixels displayed on the screen.
  65. If your computer and your camera have ____ ports, you can connect a cable between these two ports to transfer the photo data.
  66. Personalizing iTunes files, like those shown in the accompanying figure, sometimes called DRM ____, allows content providers to determine the source of a file.
  67. Most experts recommend that Web graphics not exceed ____ KB.
  68. Which of the following tasks is NOT performed by a digital signal processor?
    Elimination of extraneous noise.
  69. A video is composed of a series of bitmap graphics, each one called a ____.
  70. With images that contain strong curved or diagonal lines, pixel interpolation can result in ____ effects, such as those in the accompanying figure.
  71. The first commercially successful computer was the ____.
  72. Careers in computer ____ focus on the design of computer hardware.
  73. The birth of the software industry was a result of high-level languages developed for ____-generation computers.
  74. The accompanying figure represents a CRT; in this drawing Box A points to the ____.
    panel glass
  75. Factors affecting the success of the IT industry include: ____.
    population growth & business globalization
  76. To get maximum exposure for your resume in an online job database, you should focus on ____.
  77. The accompanying figure represents computer and software marketing channels. In that figure, Box D represents ____.
    retail stores
  78. The life cycle of a new computer product is shown in the accompanying figure, in which box D represents ____.
  79. A hypertext version of your resume is called a ____.
    Web portfolio
  80. The general-purpose electronic computer designed to calculate trajectory tables for the U.S. Army was the ____.
  81. Worldwide, consumers spend more than US $____ on information technology each year.
    1 trillion
  82. A ____ combines commercially available products with specialty hardware or software.
  83. The accompanying figure represents computer and software marketing channels. In that figure, Box C represents ____.
    mail-order suppliers
  84. The first commercial microcomputer was the ____.
    MITS Altair
  85. By the mid-1990s, IBM-compatible computer systems accounted for more than ____ percent of all personal computer sales.
  86. A device consisting of several rods divided into ten squares, each labeled with two numbers, with the rods positioned according to the numbers in the calculation, is a(n) ____.
    Napier’s Bones
  87. Narrowly defined, the term computer industry encompasses those companies that ____.
    manufacture computers and computer components
  88. The first electronic computer to use vacuum tubes instead of switches was the ____.
  89. Computers characterized by their use of vacuum tubes are considered ____-generation.
  90. Resumes should be in a(n) ____ format.
    all of the above
  91. The first IBM PCs used ____ as an operating system.
  92. A calculator that implements instructions autonomously is a(n) ____.
    mechanical calculator
  93. ____ refers to hardware manufacturers that sell their products directly to consumers.
    Manufacturer direct
  94. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition whose effects are made worse by keyboard use. The accompanying figure represents a hand. Box C indicates the ____.
    carpal bones
  95. The electronic device used to decode messages encrypted by the Germans was the ____.
  96. ____ is a special type of retailing in which a vendor takes orders by phone or an Internet site.
    Mail order
  97. Advantages of telecommuting include all the following EXCEPT ____.
    data security
  98. ____ degrees focus on the computer equipment and software used by businesses.
    Information technology
  99. Computers characterized by their use of microprocessors are ____-generation
  100. A(n) ____ investigates the requirements of a business or organization, its employees, and its customers in order to plan and implement new or improved customer service.
    systems analyst
  101. The ____ tier of companies sell primarily through mail order.
  102. The life cycle of a new computer product is shown in the accompanying figure, in which box A represents ____.
    Product Development
  103. Microsoft’s share of the total personal computer operating system market is about ____.
  104. The ____ Act extends telephone wiretap laws by restricting government agents and unauthorized third parties from tapping into data transmissions without a search warrant.
    Electronic Communications Privacy
  105. ____ tend to be small local shops or national chains that specialize in the sale of microcomputer software and hardware.
    Computer retail stores
  106. The ____ tier of the computer industry consists of companies falling below the cutoff for identifiable market share.
  107. Careers in computer ____ focus on computer architecture and programming computers to make them work effectively and efficiently.
  108. The life cycle of a new computer product is shown in the accompanying figure, in which box B represents ____.
    Product Announcement
  109. An experimental device that typically must be further developed and perfected before going into production is called a(n) ____.
  110. The life cycle of a new computer product is shown in the accompanying figure, in which box C represents ____.
  111. The popularity of PCs was in large part brought about by the ____.
  112. The accompanying figure represents a CRT; in this drawing Box D points to the ____.
    electron beam
  113.  IBM created a computer that integrated 73 IBM Automatic Accounting Machines into a single unified computing unit called the ____.
    Harvard Mark 1
  114. The accompanying figure represents a CRT; in this drawing Box B points to the ____.
    phosphor screen
  115. A person who designs, codes, and tests computer programs is a ____.
    computer programmer
  116. The accompanying figure represents a CRT; in this drawing Box C points to the ____.
  117. Most IS/T departments are headed by a ____.
    chief information officer
  118. ____ degrees focus on applying computers to business problems.
    Information systems
  119. A step-by-step process by which numbers are manipulated is a(n) ____.
  120. The ____ tier of the computer industry consists of large companies.
  121. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition whose effects are made worse by keyboard use. The accompanying figure represents a hand. Box B indicates the ____.
    transverse carpal ligament
  122. The accompanying figure represents computer and software marketing channels. In that figure, Box A represents ____.
    distribution centers
  123. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition whose effects are made worse by keyboard use. The accompanying figure represents a hand. Box A indicates the ____.
    median nerve
  124. The first phase of testing generally carried out by the software publisher’s in-house test team is called ____.
    alpha testing
  125. Punched cards were first used for ____.
    controlling colors and patterns of yarn
  126. A vacuum tube can have ____ states.
  127. The ____ Act makes it a criminal offense to knowingly access a computer without authorization.
    Computer Fraud and Abuse
  128. The first commercially successful minicomputer was the ____.
    DEC PDP-8
  129. Segments of the IT industry include ____.
    all of the above
  130. A set of testing conducted by a team of off-site testers is called ____.
    beta testing
  131.  The U.S. Census Bureau held a competition to find a way to tabulate the 1890 census. The Hollerith Tabulating Machine won. The company is now known as ____.
  132. A person who creates documentation for large programming projects is a ____.
    technical writer
  133. Computers characterized by their use of transistors are considered ____ -generation.
  134. The ____ Act establishes an agency to monitor threats to the communication infrastructure.
    Homeland Security
  135. The accompanying figure represents computer and software marketing channels. In that figure, Box B represents ____.
    value-added resellers
  136. The ____ Act enhances the authority of Law enforcement agents to prevent various terrorist acts such as monitoring electronic communication without a warrant.
    USA Patriot
  137. The first mass-produced calculator was the ____.
    de Colmar’s Arithmometer
  138. The type of manual calculator first used in ancient Rome, Greece, India, China, and Japan is called a/n ____.
  139. All of the following are essential for secure business data transmitted over the Internet EXCEPT ____.
    high-speed connections
  140. It is anticipated that the highest future demand for computer professionals will be in all of the following roles EXCEPT ____.
    technical writing
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