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  1. IV delivery neuraminidase inhibitor for susceptible strains of flu available for serious infections by H1N1 via the CDC
  2. Renal toxic drug that selectively inhibits pyrophosphate bonding site of virus-specific DNA polymerase
    Foscarnet sodium - Foscavir
  3. Inhalation treatment of severe lower respiratory tract infection in pediatric patient infected with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
    Ribavirin - Virazole
  4. Blocks renal tubular excretion of neuraminidase inhibitors
  5. Treatment of chronic hep B - unmodified beta-L-enatiomer of thymidine
  6. The adamantadine class of drugs are no longer recommended due to complete resistence to these agents
    Influenza A
  7. Used in combination with CoPegus and Pegasys - a hep C NS3/4A serine protease inhibitor
    Telaprevir - Incivek
  8. Inhalation delivery neuraminidase inhibitor for susceptible strains of flu
    Zanamivir - Relenza
  9. Topical for oral/facial Herpes simplex - prodrug that blocks fusion of the virus with the host cellby altering the host cell membrane fluidity
    Docosanol - Abreva
  10. IM monoclonal antibody-prevents protein mediated cell-to-cell fusion of RSV-infected cells by binding to the epitope of the A antigenic site
    Palivizumab - Synagis
  11. Primary enzymatic target of phosphorylated nucleoside class antiviral agents which prevents DNA replication and leads to chain termination
    DNA ploymerase
  12. Oral delivery neuraminidase inhibitor for susceptible strains of influenza
    Oseltamivir phosphate - Tamiflu
  13. The most successful approach to date for the prevention of influenza
  14. Used in combo therapy with Pegasys - PEGylated alfa-2a interferon to treat hep C
    Ribavirin - CoPegus
  15. Topical agent for herpes simplex keratitis of the eye
    Idoxuridine - Herplex
  16. Prodrug of acyclovir for HSV-1 and -2, shingles, Epstein-Barr mononeucleosis, Varicella
    valacyclovir - Valtrex
  17. Cleaves sialic acid-glycoproteins; facilitates the spread of newly replicated virus and greatly increases pathogenicity of an influenza strain
  18. Oral use only prodrug of Penciclovir used in acute singles and genital herpes
    famciclovir - Famvir
  19. Only used in cytomegalovirus infections in immune-compromised or transplant patients
    ganciclovir - Cytovene
  20. Formerly used for flu A - useful in carbon monoxide induced parkinson's 
    amantidine - Symmetrel
  21. NNRTI with a black box warning against liver failure and >40% develop Steven-Johnsons syndrome
    nevirapine - Viramune

    "nevir" give it to the liver
  22. HIV protease inhibitor that is formulated with Vit E - accordingly do not suppliment with Vit E
    Amprenavir - Agenerase
  23. NRTI drug also called azidothymidine (AZT) - anemia, neutropenia, and initial therapy = flu-like sx for weeks
    zidovudine - Retrovir
  24. Integrase strand inhibitor used in cobo with other agents in resistant HIV strands
    raltegravir - Isentress
  25. Weakest NRTI - not used much today
    Zalcitabine - Hivid
  26. Approved for prophylactic use to reduce infection rates by HIV
    emtricitabine and tenofovir disoproxil fumerate - Truvada
  27. NRTI indicated for pediatric use in patients over 3 mos - not a CYP substrate/no inhibition of glucuronidation
    emtricitabine - Emtriva
  28. BID SQ injection that interfers with the binding of the GP41 subunits of the viral envelope with the host cell cellular membrane preventing fusion
    enfuvirtide - Fuzeon
  29. NRTI with severe HTN that can be determined by pharmacogenomic testing for the HLA-B*5701 gene polymorphism
    abacavir sulfate - Ziagen
  30. Azapeptied inhibitor og HIV pretease that is a potent inhibitor of glucuronidation by UGT1A1
    atazanavir sulfate - Reyataz
  31. Phosphonate nucleotide analogue reverse transcriptase inhibitor with reduced activity against the K65R reverse transcriptase mutation (3% in USA)
    tenovir disoproxil fumerate - Viread
  32. Chemokine receptor 5 co-receptor antagonist used only in a CCR5-trophic HIV-1 detectable resistant strain
    maraviroc - Selzentry
  33. HIV protease inhibitor with severe diet limitations; no food or low protein/fat food only - must remain hydrated to prevent kidney stones - dispense in factory bottle only
    indinavir sulfate - Crixivan
  34. HIV protease inhibitor - rapidly dissolving capsule that must be taken with hight fat food to ensure proper absorption - ie 2 tsp peanut butter
    nelfinavir mesylate - Viracept
  35. HIV drug use induced lipodystophy treatment
    tesamorelin - EGRIFTA
  36. HIV protease inhibitor that must be co-administered with 100mg of ritonavir in order to inhibit CYP3A/2D6 to ensure adequate plasma levels (not Viracept)
    darunavir ethanolate - Prezista
  37. NNRTI agent - do not use in combo with any other NNRTI due to increased resistance potential
    rilpivirine - Endurant
  38. Prophylactic vaccination against HIV type 16 and 18 that cause cervical cancers
  39. Most poorly tolerated of HIV protease inhibitors - severe diarrhea, flu-like sx, potent CYP 3A/2D6 inhibitor - capssules must be refrigerated
    ritonavir - Norvir
  40. HAART tx results in a severe inflammatory response to opportunistic infective agents present which may need further treatment
    immune reconstitution syndrome
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