CGS Final ch 7

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  1. Interest-based advertising is another name for behavioral targeting
  2. Which of the following is not one of the advantages of online advertising?
    Online costs versus benefits are well established and understood.
  3. Which of the following forms of online advertising is growing the fastest?
  4. Research studies have shown that viewers scan search engine results pages:
    in an "F" shaped pattern with greater attention to the left side of the page.
  5. CTR is a measure of the:
    percentage of times an ad is clicked.
  6. Merchants have found that online and offline catalogs compete directly with each other: A successful online catalog will result in fewer sales from the offline catalog.
  7. All of the following are true statements about the choice of a domain name except:
    now that a number of new top-level domain names have been introduced, having a dot-com domain is no longer considered preferable, especially in the United States.
  8. Which of the following measures the average length of stay at a Web site?
  9. Conversion rate is a measure of the:
    percentage of visitors who become customers.
  10. The most expensive form of online advertising on a per thousand viewer basis is a(n): 
    exclusive sponsorship arrangement.
  11. Which of the following measures the ratio of items purchased to product views?
    browse-to-buy ratio
  12. Recency refers to the: 
    time elapsed since the last action taken by a customer.
  13. Frequency of Web site use is a function of four independent variables: Web site organization, perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness of the Web site, and:
    content quality.
  14. Typical video and rich media advertisements have a typical click-through rate of:  
    .5% - 2.65%.
  15. Hits are a measure of the:  
    number of http requests.
  16. Purchasing an online ad on a CPA basis means that the advertiser: 
    pays only for those users who perform a specific action, such as registering, purchasing, etc.
  17. Amazon's "one-click" purchase capability is an example of using ________ to enhance sales.  
    Web site functionality
  18. A typical response rate for an e-mail campaign would be ________ percent.  
  19. CAN-SPAM imposes fines of ________ for each unsolicited pornographic e-mail.
  20. Online video advertising now accounts for the largest amount of the Internet advertising spending.
  21. Which of the following is not a major Web design feature that impacts online purchasing?
    redundant navigation
  22. The two different types of online catalogs are:
    full-page spreads and grid display.
  23. Legitimate e-mail addresses based on a high-quality commercial opt-in e-mail list might cost ________ per thousand. 
    $5 to $10
  24. Axe's posting of video ads online that were subsequently forwarded and shared by millions of Internet users is an example of:  
    viral marketing.
  25. A Crayola arts and crafts column on a parenting Web site is an example of what form of advertising?  
  26. Which of the following advertising messages is a branding communication? The Best Place to Buy Textbooks.
  27. All of the following are true statements about superstitials except:
    they play immediately once loaded.
  28. In general, the costs for offline customer acquisition are lower than online, but more effective.
  29. A majority of states in the United States have laws regulating or prohibiting spam.
  30. All of the following statements about interstitials are true except: 
    interstitials typically last 30 seconds.
  31. Purchasing an online ad on a CPC basis means that the advertiser:
    pays a prenegotiated fee for each click an ad receives.
  32. All of the following statements about CAN-SPAM are true except:
    CAN-SPAM prohibits unsolicited e-mail (spam).
  33. Which of the following is an example of "pull" advertising? 
    search engine ads
  34. Impressions are a measure of the:  
    number of times an ad is served.
  35. A typical banner ad might cost ________ per 1,000 impressions. 
  36. Typical click-through rates for an online display ad are: 
    .06% - .35%.
  37. Acquisition rate is a measure of the:
    percentage of visitors who indicate an interest in a site's products by registering or visiting a product's pages.
  38. View-through rate measures the ________ response rate to an ad.
  39. The sole purpose of marketing communications is sales.
  40. Research indicates that social network influence may not extend to distant friends.
  41. Which of the following measures the ratio of actual orders to checkouts started?
    checkout conversion rate
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