History: Chapter 4 Study Guide Part 2

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  1. Surprised British with artillery captured from Ft. Ticonderoga
    Geroge Washington
  2. The first major war fought in the Revolutionary War was what?
    The battle of Bunker Hill
  3. What were the actions of the loyalists?
    • Fought with British
    • Some left the country for other British lands
    • Some lived quietly and avoided politics
    • After the war, some settled in Canada
  4. What 2 things do you have to know about the Treaty of Paris?
    • The U.S. promised to pay what Americans owed British merchants
    • Loyalists were allowed to claim property taxes
  5. Argued that American colonists should not only rebel against unfair taxation but also declare independence on Britain
    Thomas Paine's Common Sense
  6. Presented three solution to the Continental Congress:
    The colonies should be independent
    Americans needed to form foreign alliances for support
    The colonists needed to from a plan for independence
    Richard Henry Lee
  7. The battle of Monmouth made who famous?
    Molly Pitcher
  8. Established a blockade in Cesapeake Bay, preventing British ships from rescuing Cornwallis' men.
    Admiral de Grasse
  9. Which battle was this?
    On Christmas Night, Washington and his men crossed the Delaware River, surprising the Hessians,capturing weapons and  ammunition
  10. Which battle is this?
    In Early October, Burgoyne and his 5,000 men were surrounded by an American force of 17,000 under General Gates
  11. Which battle is this?
    Hard fought battle in 98 degree heat, continetal army goes toe-to-toe with British Army, British escape to Sandy Hook and are transported to New York
  12. Which battle is this?
    Cornwallis took his Army to the Peninsula in Chesapeake Bay, built a fort, and waited for British Ships to take them to Charlestown or New York
  13. Man who made changes in the Declaration of Independence for the Slave Trade
    Thomas Jefferson
  14. Introduced the idea of Committees of Correspondence to spread the news of British injustices from colony to colony.
    Samuel Adams
  15. Women who physically fought in the Revolutionary War by dressing as a man
    Deborah Gannett
  16. Brought colonists together as Americans
    It issued a Declaration of Rights protesting Great Britain's actions
    Agreed not to import or use British goods
    Urged each colony to form a force of minutemen, who would be ready to resist a British attack with short notice
    Did not discuss independence
    First Continental Congress
  17. Why did the British make the Treaty of Paris?
    They were tired of fighting the war
  18. What is the last major battle of the war?
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