Con. Beh. FINAL ch 13

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  1. 4 types of situations
    • communication situation
    • purchase situation
    • usage situation
    • disposition situation
  2. 5 key situational dimensions
    • physical surroundings
    • social surroundings
    • temporal perspectives
    • task definition
    • antecedent states
  3. Physical surroundings
    • atmospherics is sum of all physical surroundings
    • influences consumer judgments of quality and image
    • referred to as servicescape when describing a service business such as a bank, hospital, or resaurant
    • color, aromas, music
  4. Social Surroundings
  5. Temporal perspectives
    • deal with effect of time on consumer behavior
    • limited purchase time often limits search
  6. Task definition
    • reason the consumption of activity is occuring
    • distinction between purchases for self versus gift
  7. Antecedent States
    • moods: transient feeling states not tied to specific event or object
    • momentary conditions: temporary states of being (tired, ill, having extra $, being broke)
  8. Ritual Situations
    • socially defined occasion that triggers set of interrelated behaviors that occure in structured format and have symbolic meaning
    • can involve injurious consumption such as binge drinking
    • example: drinking tea in England
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