Con. Beh. FINAL ch 15

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  1. Internal Information Search
    search of long term memory to determine if a satisfactory solution is known
  2. External Information Search
    if resulution is not reached through internal search, then search process is focused on relevant external info
  3. Types on info sought out (consumer decisions require info about...)
    • appropriate evaluative criteria
    • existence of various alternative
    • sperformance of each alternative on each evaluative criterion
  4. Five primary sources of info available
    • memory
    • personal sources
    • independent sources
    • marketing sources
    • experiential sources
  5. Memory info
    • past searches
    • personal experiences
    • low involvement learning
  6. Personal Source Info
    • friends
    • family
  7. Independent Source Info
    • magazines
    • consumer groups
    • government agencies
  8. Merketing Source Info
    • sales personnel
    • websites
    • advertising
  9. Experiential Source Info
    • product inspection
    • product trial
    • ex: test drive

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