history 100

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  1. which of the following was not a cash crop of the british colonies?
    C.macadamia nuts
    C.macadamia nuts
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  2. when did parliament reintroduce monarchy
    after the reign of oliver crom well
  3. in the glorious revolution james the II was asked to leave and replaced by whom
    William and mary of orange
  4. what are the Decleration of rights
    • Only parliament may collect taxes
    • Laws are only made with parliaments approval
    • National defense must be approved by parliament
    • People may petition to the government
    • Property may not be seized without trial
    • Parliament may say what it wishes without being persecuted
    • Everyone may bear arms
    • The judicial system must have the following things:1. Fast trial system2. Trial by peers3. Reasonable bail
    • Parliament is to be freely elected
    • Parliament cannot be dissolved without its own approval
  5. who justified  the Glorious revolution in his second treatise on goverment
    John Locke
  6. What where the sources of labor in colonial period?
    indentured slaves and servants
  7. what was the caribbean major crops during this time
    tobacco and sugar
  8. major crops for upper north and lower south
    • cotton=north
    • south=tobacco
  9. what is the key difference between ancient slavery and north american slavery
    north American slavery based majorly on race/color
  10. which colonies where slaves found
    the southern 
  11. why was cottn important to slave american history
    Because it was a one of the biggest exports which slaves worked on plantations for
  12. Did james madison own slaves . if so how many did he sell
    yes and 16
  13. did thomas jefferson own slaves did  he sell them
    yes and did yes
  14. what was the stamp act
    A tax put on anything on printed material be taxed
  15. first continental congress
    • met September 5, 1774, at Carpenters' Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
    • because of "intolerable acts"
    • no fighting yet
  16. how did the colonies finance the american revolution
    they borrowed money form other countries such as france
  17. when did the american revolution formally end
    1783 with a peace treaty of  paris was signed with britian
  18. Shays rebellion
    A rebellion brought upon by vet's not paid from war because of economic depression
  19. defects of articles of confederation
    • Unanimous for ratification (every state gets veto power)
    • No Ability to tax to run gov
    • There was also no means of regulating commerce between the states.
    • no separation of powers.
  20. Which features of the Constitution reflect a distrust of democracy
    • ection of the president by the Electoral College
    • Voting requirements were left to the states
  21. what was the population trend of slaves 1820-1860
    massive increase
  22. what happened after discovery of the comstock vein in 1859
    boom region more men than woman , lawlessness, california banks gain power
  23. why did nevada become a state so fast
    because of civil war and lincoln wanted one more state in the west
  24. what is nevadas motto
    all for our country
  25. when did nevada become a territory
  26. what does battle born mean
    reflects the state's entry on the Union side during the Civil War
  27. whic amendment abolished slavery
    the 13th
  28. who had great manufacturing capabilities at the beginning of the civil war
    the north
  29. nevadas constitution allowes for elction of judges and the recall of state officials
    true or false
  30. name the inalienable rights
    • enjoying and defending life and liberty
    • acquiring,possessing and defending property
    • pursuing happiness and safety
  31. what is the wig theory
    • Whig theory: supremacy of parliament; challenge to
    • absolutism
  32. when was the Glorious Revolution; what came of it
    1688  English Declaration of Rights
  33. Second Continental Congress
     May 10, 1775, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, soon after warfare in the American Revolutionary War had begun
  34. when was Constitution drafted; ratified
  35.  Emancipation Proclamation: 
    • 1863 black soldiers
    • in northern army
  36. when was vedada made a state
  37. loisiana purchase
  38. Dred Scott
    1857: slave in a free state still a slave
  39. Gettysburg Address
    • 1863;lincol speaks "Fourscore
    • and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation"
  40.  Nat Turner
    1831 ; 50 slaves

    50 whites killed
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