Psychology Chp.5 (1)

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  1. Four Brands of Brain waves
    • Beta
    • Alpha
    • Theta
    • Delta
  2. Brain waves vary in:
    Amplitude and frequency (cps)
  3. How many hours of sleep do baby's need?
  4. Awake
    Low voltage, high frequency Beta Waves
  5. Drowsy
    Alpha Waves prominent
  6. Stage 1 step
    Theta Waves prominent
  7. Stage 2 step
    Sleep spindles and mixed EEG Activity
  8. Slow wave sleep (Stage 3 and 4)
    Progressively more Delta Waves (stage 4 shown)
  9. REM Sleep
    Low voltage, high frequency waves
  10. When people fall asleep, they pass through a series in cycles of approximately
    90 minutes
  11. During REM stage sleeper experience
    Rapid eye movements
  12. The sleep cycle tends to be repeated about
    4 times a night
  13. Three basic patterns of Insomnia
    • Difficulty in falling asleep
    • Difficulty in remaining asleep
    • Persistent early morning awakening
  14. The best estimates suggest that about _________ of adults report problems of Insomnia
    34%- 35%
  15. Half of these people ________ suffer from severe of frequent Insomnia
    15%- 17%
  16. Pseudoinsomia/ State misperception
    When people think they are getting inadequate amount of sleep
  17. A person suffering from Narcolepsy goes directly from wakefulness into _____ for _____
    REM sleep; 10-20 minutes
  18. Narcolepsy is seen
    In only about 0.05% of the population
  19. A disease marked by sudden and irresistible onsect of sleep during normal waking periods
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