Skills and Drills

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  1. What means "shi-kin-hara-mitsu-dai-ko-myo"?
    Everey moment has the possibility for holding the key to enlightenment. Be here in the moment

    simple: Everything I do or experience in life, I can learn from. 
  2. Sensei ni rei
    show respect to the teacher
  3. What means "o-ne-gai-shi-mas"?
    please assist me
  4. What means "do-mo-ari-ga-to go-zai-mas"?
    Thank you very much
  5. What stands Banzenkan for?
    Organization or Hall of Perfection and Flawlessness
  6. Taijutsu
    art of using the body
  7. Ukemi
    ways of receiving a technique


    receiving with the body
  8. kaiten
  9. Zenpo Kaiten
    Front rolls
  10. front rolls
    zenpo kaiten
  11. backward rolls
    ushiro kaiten
  12. yoko kaiten
    side rolls
  13. front break-fall
    zenpo ukemi
  14. rear break-fall
    koho ukemi
  15. side break fall
    yoko ukemi
  16. roku-ho tobi
    6 directional leaping
  17. upward leap
    ten "heaven" tobi
  18. downward leap
    chi "earth" tobi
  19. forward leap
    zenpo tobi
  20. backward leap
    koho tobi
  21. right leap
    migi tobi
  22. left leap
    hidari tobi
  23. kicking techniques
    keri waza
  24. hidden kicks
    kikakshi geri
  25. roundhouse kick
    mawashi geri

     (lateral shin kick)
  26. snap kick
    mae geri

    ball of foot
  27. side kick
    yoko geri

    strike with outer edge of foot or heel
  28. lunge punch
    choku tsuki
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