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  1. What is the term for the sensation of feeling full or satisfied
  2. Where is the center for the sensation of feeling full or satisfied located
  3. Which hormone is NOT involved in the Zombie appetite mechanism?
    Human growth hormone
  4. What genetic disease is associated with never having a feeling of fullness
    prader-willi syndrome
  5. What part of brain is responsible for respiratory and cardaic functions
  6. What does decerebrate mean
    to be without cerebrum function
  7. What was the name of the famous headless chicken
  8. Approximatly how long did the chicken live after having its head cutt off
    18 months
  9. Cuases of decerebrate posture include all of the following except:
    broken leg
  10. The literal translation of anencephaly means
    No Brain
  11. The marburg virus is
    • a hemorrhagic fever
    • similar to ebola
    • the basis for one part of the zombie plague in Mira Grants the Newsflesh trilogy books
    • All of the Above
  12. The two cures that combined to create the zombie virus is Mira grants Newsflesh were intended to cure what two maladies
    cancer and the common cold
  13. Which of the following immunoglobins is involved in the transmission of the Kellis-Amberlee zombie virus from mother to child
  14. Transmission of the zombie virus in Mira Grants Newsflesh Trilogy happens
    Through fluid transmission from an infected individual (biting spitting, scratching, etc)
  15. What breed of dog is Evie in the book Death & Biker Gangs
    Golden Retriever
  16. In the book Death & Biker Gangs, the term the Army used instead of zombies is
  17. What areas of the brain appear to be awakened in a zombie's brain in the book Death & biker gang
    Feeding Center, Reflex Center, Satiety Center
  18. In the Book Death & Biker gangs, the treatment for zombie bites was similar to the treatment of which disease
  19. In the book Death & Biker Gangs Viebeke determined that zombies used what sense to detect people
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