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  1. All of these are ways for a human to contact rabie, except
    Animal Bark
  2. A Person with rabies is described as becoming
  3. When bitten by a stray animal which is the best prevention measure
    wash wound with soap and water
  4. All of the following are considered treatment for rabies except:
    Except Varicella Zoster vaccine
  5. Which of the following was the correct author of World of War Z
    Max brooks
  6. The incubation period of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is
    5-20 years
  7. Which of the following sysmptoms is not typically seen in CJD
    Happy, Smiley, jumping feelings
  8. The New Guinea tribe had a rather different religious practice of
    Mortuary cannibalism
  9. The New Guinea tribe live in which country
  10. CJD literally eats holes in the victims
  11. Psychoactive drugs operative by temporarily affecting a person's neurochemistry, which cause below does not change
  12. All of the following are classes of psychoactive drugs except
  13. Bath Salts do not cause which one of the effects listed below
  14. A low PCP does (5mg of less), has all but one of these physical effect
    Decreased awarness of pain
  15. Changes to this brain region leads to increased impulsiveness
    the frontal lobe region
  16. Changes to the portion of the brain affect coordination and voluntary movement
    the cerebellum and basel ganglia
  17. Changes to this brain region can result in hyperphagia (excessive unsatisfied hunger)
    the ventromedial hypothalamus
  18. Which of the following individuals is the leading authority on the neurobiology of zombies
    Steven Schlozman
  19. Damaged or diseased this part of the brain could cause the inability for thought process or problem solving
    Frontal Lobe
  20. Dysfunction of this part of the brain is explanation for the wide-legged unsteady, lurching walks sometimes associated with how a zombie walks
    Cerebellum and Basel Ganglia
  21. Balance is maintained in the Anterior Cingulate cortex which moderates excitability from this region of the brain
  22. Improperly functioning this part of the brain could result in an excessive compulsive eating disorder
    Ventromedial Hypothalamus
  23. What animal is considered the mixing pot
  24. How many grades of influenza virues are there
  25. What two medications work best for the flu
    Zanamirvir (relenza) and Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)
  26. H1N1 is also called
    the swine flu
  27. The avian flu is also know as
  28. In the book Public Enemy Zero, what about Mitch made people turn into zombie like creatures and attack
    his pheromones
  29. In the book Public Enemy Zero the caustive agent used was a modified version of what virus
  30. What part of the nose is believe to be responsible for detecting pheromones in mammals
    VNO (Vomeronasal Organs)
  31. In the book Public Enemy Zero, what part of the body is affected by the virus causing people attack
    Central Nervous system
  32. In the book Public Enemy Zero, how is the virus transmitted
  33. Prions are
    MIS-folded protiens
  34. Which of the following can be used to destroy prions
    strong bases acids
  35. How are prions transmitted
    consumption of infected tissues
  36. What is bovine spongiform encephalitis commonly known as
    Mad Cow Disease
  37. What do a minority of scientists believe about prions
    They are a symptom of the disease rather than the cause
  38. All the following are ways B Anthracis endospores enter the body except:
  39. Anthrax exotoxins are composed of all the following except
  40. Which statement best defines the effect of lethal toxin
    Lethal toxin is the primary cause of death
  41. Of the following medications choose the one that is used as a treatment for anthrax infection
  42. Which statement is not true of the anthrax vaccine
    the vaccine is readily available to the public
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