Chapter #6: Glossary Terms

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  1. Ion
    An ion is a poistively or negatively charged atom or group of atoms.
  2. Chemical bond
    A chemical bond is a chemical link between two atoms, which holds the atoms together.

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  3. Ionic bond
    An ionic bond is a chemical bond that forns between oppositely charged ions. An ionic bond forms between two ions, forming a neutral compound.

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  4. Ionic compound
    An ionic compound is a compound made of positively charged ions. Ionic compounds form when one or more valence electrons is transfered from one atom to another.

    • Physical State:
    • -Many ionic compounds are soluble in water
    • -Good conductors of electricity when melted or disolved in water. 
    • -Tend to have high melting points
    • -Many of them exist in solid arrangements called crystal lattice. 
  5. Molecular compound
    A molecular compound is a compound with particles made up of atoms held together by covalent bonds.

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  6. Covalent bond
    A covalent bond is a chemical bond in which two atoms share one or maore pairs of electrons. the shared electrons are attracted to the nuclei of both atoms. The attraction of the shared atoms holds the atos together.

    Usually made up of two or more non-metals.

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  7. Molecule
    A molecule is the smallest discrete particle of a molecular compound; has one or more shared pairs of electrons in one or more covalent bonds. Not all molecules are compounds because compounds are made up of different elements. 

    Example Oxygen, which is a molecule but not a compound.

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