The Cell In Action

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  1. Cell Cycle-
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    • Chromosome Duplication-
    • Interphase
    • Mitosis-
    • Prophase
    • metaphase
    • Anaphase
    • Telophase
    • Cytokinesis-
    • splitting of the cell
  2. Photosynthesis-
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    • The process in which plants capture sunlight from the sun to convert to sugars
  3. Cellular Resperation-
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    • the process of prouducing ATP in the cell from oxygen and glucose; releases carbon dioxide and water
  4. Fermentation-
    the breakedown of sugars into ATP in the absence of oxygen
  5. Osmosis-
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    • the diffusion of water
  6. Diffusion-
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    • The movement of particles- High to Low
  7. Endocytosis and Exocytosis-
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    • Exocytosis- remove large particle
    • Endocytosis- biring in a large particle
  8. Binary Fission-
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    • simple cell division
  9. Homologous Chromosomes-
    chromosomes with matching DNA
  10. Chromatids-
    identical chromosome copies
  11. Centromere-
    the reigion that holds chromotids together when a chromosome is duplicated
  12. Mitosis-
    nuclear division in Eukaryotic cells in which each cell recives a copy of the origional chromosomes
  13. Passive Transport-
    regular diffusion into protein doorways- does not require ATP
  14. Active Transport-
    diffusion of the oppisite way (low to high)- requires ATP
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