Final Exam- Behaviour of Sport Orgs

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  1. What is Governance?
    • Refers to structure and process of decision making
    • Establishes rules and regulations
  2. Governance- Leslie Ferkins
    • Decision making strategies: Foresight, oversight, insight
    • Describe governance: motion, change, regulations
    • Roll of the board: held to account by directing, controlling, and coordinating
  3. Challenges of Governance
    • Conflicting and competing goals
    • Enormous expectations
    • Resource dependant/ lack of strategy
    • Balancing high performance participation 
    • Multiple stakeholders
  4. Roles of the Board
    • Set tone and spirit of Org
    • Design strategic direction
    • Oversee allocations of resources
    • Monitor org performance
    • Compliance and reporting to stakeholders
  5. What Consists of the Board?
    • Board: president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, directors
    • Committees: functional units with specific mandate or purpose
    • Ongoing committees: financial committee
    • ADHOC: specific tasks or objective, dissolved after competition
  6. What are ex officio members?
    Someone who was a previous council member with expert knowledge or advice

    The term is Latin meaning "from the office"
  7. Governance vs Ministrations
    Governance has boards while ministrations do not
  8. Carver Governance Model
    Defines the difference between governance and management
  9. Governance vs Management
    • Governance: owns
    • Management: runs things
    • “The boards goal is to create the future, not mind the shop”
  10. What are bylaws?
    Internal rules of a company
  11. Roberts Laws of Order
    • Call to Order
    • Welcome/Introductions
    • Approval of Adgenda and Minutes
    • Business arising
    • New business
    • Adjournment
  12. What is the role of the Chair of the Board?
    • Leads agenda and controls it
    • Calls for motion and leads it
  13. Who is the Minster of Sport Canada?
    • Bel Gosel (federal minister)
    • Money for sport- $200 million
  14. Who is the Minister of Community, Sport, and Cultural Development?
    Bill Bennett
  15. Who is the Chair of OTP?
    John Furlong
  16. What is ViaSport?
    Decides where the funding goes, funds BC sport

    Not-for-profit organization responsible for providing strategic leadership to amateur sport in British Columbia.

    A legacy organization of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, and formerly the BC Sport Agency, viaSport will add value to the sport sector by increasing participation and improving sport delivery across the province.

    The organization was formed with strategic guidance and input from the provincial sport sector to create a unified voice for sport in B.C.
  17. Who is the Minister of Heritage in Canada?
    James Moore
  18. 5 Types of Power
    • Referent- People look up to you, follow you, elected, charismatic
    • Reward- Power to reward followers
    • Coercive- Power to punish or withhold reward
    • Legitimate- Assigned Power, elected
    • Expert- Specialized knowledge
  19. What is Conflict?
    Breakdown in standard mechanism of decision making, or whenever interests collide
  20. What are the Positive Consequences of Conflict?
    • Stronger team cohesion
    • Better decision making
    • Responsive to changing environment
  21. What are the Negative Consequences of Conflict?
    • High stress and dissatisfaction cause high turnover of employees
    • Wasted resources
    • Weakens team cohesion
  22. What are the Behaviours of Conflict Resolution?
    • Problem solving
    • Focing (I have power)
    • Avoiding
    • Yeilding (other person has power)
    • Compenstation
  23. How to Resolve Conflicts?
    • "I" statements
    • Focus on peoples perception and their feelings 
    • Avoid blaming
    • Be assertive, not aggressive
    • Be willing to compromise, forgive and forget
  24. Destructive vs Constructive
    • Destructive: When 2+ people behave in actions that result in increases antagonism
    • Constructive: Type in which people focus on the discussion of the issue while maintaining respect for the people having other points of view
  25. Functional vs Dysfunctional
    • Functional: When moderate levels of conflict improve effectiveness of the group
    • Dysfunctional: Motivated by egos and employees with competing ambitions, leads to higher stress and burnout
  26. What are the strategies to minimize Destructive and Dysfunctional Conflict?
    • Attempt to motivate and stimulate emloyees when there is little conflict
    • Employees to bring together and work more effectively
  27. What are the Sources of Conflict?
    • Incompatible goals
    • Differentiation
    • Interdependence
    • Source resources
    • Poor communication
    • Ambiguous rules
  28. Emotional Intelligence
    Ability to identify, assess, and control emotions of ones self, others, or groups
  29. Emotional Intelligence- 2 Categories, 4 Domains
    • Personal Competence:
    • Self awareness
    • Self management
    • Social Competence:
    • Social awareness
    • Relationship management
  30. Who is the Chair of ViaSport?
    Moray Keith
  31. What is a Standing Committee?
    Permanent committee usually with representation of one or more Board Members
  32. What are Ad hoc Committees?
    Ad hoc is a latin phrase meaning "for this"

    Committee formed for a specific task or objective, and dissolved after the completion of the task or achievement of the objective (single purpose)
  33. What are the steps in the Decision Making Process?
    • 1. Describe problem/identify opportunity
    • 2. Who is impacted
    • 3. Assess the impacts
    • 4. Generate actions/develop solutions/strategies
    • 5. Consider and then choose the best action/alternative
    • 6. Evaluate decision
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