Ellen Final Part 2

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  1. What is the TMJ syndrome?
    Term used to describe a set of symtpoms which may include pain and clking that indicates dysfunction of the tmj. The condition may be caused by malocclusion, stress, muscle spasms ro inflammation.
  2. What is the largest facial bone in the body?
  3. At what age does the two seperate mandibular bones join to become one?
    At approximately one years old.
  4. What divides each half of the mandible into two main parts? What are thsoe two mainparts?
    The angle (Gonion) divides it into two Anterior and superior parts.

    • The anterior is termed the BODY of the mandible.
    • ┬áThe superior is teremed the RAMUS.
  5. What is the union between the two Body's of the mandible called?
    The symphysis menti.
  6. What is the mental protuberence?
    Flat triangular area below the symphysis marked by two knoblike protuberences that pronect froward.
  7. What is the mental point?
    The center of the mental protuberence
  8. What are mental foraminas?
    Passage ways on both halfs of hte bodyt hat contain the mental artery, the vein and the nerves htat innervates the lower lip and chin.
  9. What is the upper poriton of each ramus called? What is at the end of each one?
    The Mandibular notch.

    On the ANTERIOR end of each is a process called the coronoid process whcih serves as a site for muscle attachment.
  10. Whereis the TMJ located?
    Just anterior and slgihtly superoiro to the EAM.
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