ART 109 Native America

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  1. define "imperialist nostalgia"
    a yearning for a ruined culture by one who has indirectly or directly participated in its destruction -- Frances Pohl
  2. the Great Plains
    • S.E. US
    • sedentary hunter/gatherers
    • male role:  1st responsibility to hunt food for family, but status defined by success in war.
    • female role:  in charge of home; made furnishings/home/clothing/baskets/arts
    • Art:  men-figural, women-abstract&geometric
  3. shields
    • protective power, role of spirit beings
    • more spiritually protective than physically
    • made by men-- fasting, prayer, vision transferred to shield
  4. thunderbird
    mythological creature represents upper world and sky; wings create thunder storms
  5. sacred pipe ceremony
    • pipe link b/t earth and sky
    • prayers in physical form
    • fire = sun = source of life
    • smoke = words, smoke goes out touches everything
  6. to achieve excellence in art:
    • prayer
    • instruction by example
    • appropriate ritual preparation done by elders
  7. seven sacred work bags
    • incense, paint, tools for sewing
    • keepers of these bags = highest status
    • (keepers of culture)
    • needed to be present when hides painted
  8. 4 corners states:
    • Utah
    • Colorado
    • Arizona
    • New Mexico
  9. what century did the Anasazi begin to move to cliff sides?
    13th century
  10. Anasazi
    name meanings
    evolution of architecture
    emergence and peak dates
    • "ancient enemies", "ancient ancestors", "puebloans", "people of the past"
    • located in southwest @ four corners
    • emerged 200AD ---> peaked 1000AD
    • architecture:::>
    • 1. ~550-750 pit houses (ritual chambers)
    • 2. 800AD+ masonry and adobe houses .... kivas
    • 3. "pueblo" -villages
  11. Chaco Canyon
    • 12 large pueblos
    • 7 mile stretch of land
    • metropolitan center (12-13th c.)
    • center of wide trade network
  12. Mesa Verde
    • cliff palace in Colorado
    • 4000 sites (agri, living, towers, etc)
  13. kivas
    2 types
    • types: round or rectangular
    • functions: spiritual center for Anasazi life, male council house, ritual regalia stored, private rituals, prep for public ceremonies
    • symbolism: map of the cosmos, served as point of entry to underworld of spirits, place where terrestrial and spiritual worlds meet
    • "sipapu": hole in floor where ancient ancestors first emerged to enter present world
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