Foundation Chemistry

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  1. What is an element?
    A substance made of only one type of atom.
  2. What is a compound?
    A substance made of two or more atoms chemically bonded together.
  3. What is a mixture?
    two or more elements or compounds not chemically joined.
  4. What is the periodic table made up of?
  5. How many energy levels are there in an arrangement of an electrons?
    At GCSE, a maximum of 4.
  6. A row in a periodic table is called a...
    Period- they represent an energy level.
  7. What is a chemical reaction?
    When atoms of a reactant amd another substance mix and react to create a new product.
  8. What is the chemicalk formula of calcium carbonate?
  9. What is an Ore?
    A rock that contains enough of a metal to be worthwhile to mine and process.
  10. What is the native state?
    A metal not combined with other compound.
  11. What is an example of a native metal?
    Gold, Silver or platinum.
  12. What are the properties of a transition metal?
    Good conductor, strong, ductile and malleable.
  13. Phytomining and bioleaching are...
    forms of copper extraction.
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