Vocabulary 3

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  1. Sacrilege (n):  a violation of something sacred; blasphemy
    Using the Lord's name in vain is pur sacrilege, and extremely offensive to Christians.
  2. Sagacious (adj):  indicating acute discernment; shrewd; wise
    The sagacious judge could not be distracted or swayed by the defense attorney's manipulations.
  3. Salient (adj):  projecting beyond a line, sticking out; conspicuous
    The police could not overlook the salient fact that the car reeked of marijuana when the driver rolled down the window.
  4. Sanctimonious (adj):  hypocritically pious or devout
    It is those sanctimonious Christians that give the rest of us a bad reputation.
  5. Sanguine (adj):  bloodred; consisting of or relating to blood:  or cheerfulness, sturdiness, high color
    Her sanguine approach to teaching gave her students hope that they would be successful in the class.
  6. Sardonic (adj):  disdainfully or skeptically humorous; mocking; sarcastic
    Many comedians base their routines on sardonic wit and sarcasm.
  7. Scintillate (v):  to sparkle; to emit sparks;
    She watched as her new engagement ring seemed to scintillate in the light--catching the light and throwing off sparks of color.
  8. Sequester (transitive verb):  to set apart; segregate
    It was necessary to sequester the jurors during such a high profile trial to keep them from being exposed to the wrong information.
  9. Serendipity (n):  accidental good fortune; the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for
    It was serendipity when the woman stopped to buy a lottery ticket--she never expected to win.
  10. Servile (adj):  or or befitting a slave or a menial position; subservient
    I warned my husband that he was not marrying a servile women, I was not going to be waiting on him hand and foot!
  11. Similitude (n):  likeness, similarity; counterpart; double; imaginative comparison
    The novel bore such an uncanny similitude to the occurrences of the small town that it caused the occupants to suspect it was written about them.
  12. Solicitous (adj):  eager and attentive, often to the pont of hovering; manifesting or expressing; full of concern or fears
    The new parents were so solicitous of their toddler that wold not leave him unattended.
  13. Soporific (adj):  causing or tneding to cause sleep; extremely boring
    Although I am an avid reader, I find some biographies soporific and very difficult to get through.
  14. Sordid (adj):  filthy; squalid; marked by baseness or grossness
    The defense knew it would be difficult to overcome the sordid details from the eye witness's testimony. 
  15. Stellar (adj):  outstanding; or or relating to the stars
    The critics raved about the new actress's stellar performance--they all proclaimed that a star was born!
  16. Sublime (v):  to elevate or exalt especially in dignity or honor; awesome
    The new composer's rendition of the classic was sublime; it was better than the original!
  17. Supercilious (adj):  cooly and patronizingly haughty
    The woman's demeanor was supercilious as if to insinuate she was better than us.
  18. Sycophant (n):  one who tries to ingratiate himself to others; servile self-seeking flatterer
    The tycoon surrounded himself with sycophants who were all too eager to flatter him and answer to his every whim.
  19. Taciturn (adj):  temperamentally disinclined to talk; not talkative
    She was so taciturn that I seated her beside my loquacious friend in an effort to keep the conversation going.
  20. Tangential (adj):  only superficially related to the matter at hand; not especially relevant; lying in a tangent
    Our conversations are often tangential--we frequently verge off on unrelated topics and forget what we were discussing in the first place!
  21. Tantamount (adj):  equilavent to in value; significance or effect
    Not returning excess change is tantamount to stealing money from the cashier's drawer.
  22. Tautological (adj):  redundant; circular; needless repetition of an idea
    The instructor was tautological and constantly repeated the same information over and over.
  23. Temerity (n):  reckless; boldness; rashness, foolhardy disregard of danger; boldness
    The new show received criticism from the press for encouraging the temerity and stupidity of a group of teenagers from West Virginia.
  24. Tenacious (adj):  persistent, dogged, stubborn; holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold
    Olympic athletes must command a tenacious will to succeed in order to maintain their rigorous training schedules.
  25. Tenets (n):  principle, doctrine, opinion
    The Golden Rule is a common tenet that practically every faith believes in and follows. 
  26. Timorous (adj):  mousy, full of fear
    Our dog is skittish and timorous when someone raises their hand, which leads us to believe he was abused by his previous owners.
  27. Turpitude (n):  vile, shameful, or base character; depravity; shameful wickedness
    The volunteer form asked if I had been convicted or involved in an offense involving moral turpitude.
  28. Ubiquitous (adj):  being everywhere at the same time, omnipresent
    The ants in my sister's home are quite ubiquitous; they are everywhere!
  29. Umbrage (n):  offense; annoyance; displeasure; resentment
    I tried not to take umbrage when classmates talked about my candidate without proper information.
  30. Unremitting (adj):  not slackening or abating; relentless
    The unremitting noise from the nearby airport made it difficult for us to go to sleep.
  31. Usurp (v):  to seize wrongfully; hold by foce or without legal right
    Both parties are constantly attempting to usurp each side's efforts in order to gain the public's favor.
  32. Vehement (adj):  intense; forceful; zealous; ardent; impassioned
    She was so vehement in her protests that she was frequently watched by the authorities.
  33. Veracity (n):  truthfulness; habitual observance of truth in speech or statement
    The jury could sense the veracity in the witness's testimony which eliminated any doubt in the defendant's guilt. 
  34. Vex (v):  to annoy; pester; irritate; provoke
    The toddler years are when your child will vex you most with their constant fluctuations in temperament.
  35. Vilify (v):  to speak ill of; defame; slander
    The article sought to vilify the candidate with slanderous accusations.
  36. Virulent (adj):  deadly, toxic; actively poisonous; intensely noxious
    The new flu promises to be an especially virulent strain that may kill thousands if they are not vaccinated.
  37. Vitriolic (adj):  caustic, full of bitterness
    The Arabic leader's  speech was riddled with vitriolic remarks about the United States in an effort to incite the crowd's anger.
  38. Vociferous (adj):  boisterous, crying out noisily; clamorous
    The fans were vociferous in their shouts and exclamations when the kicker scored the winning field goal.
  39. Volatile (adj):  explosive, highly unstable; evaporating rapidly
    The firemen warned us that we should not store gasoline in the garage because of its volatile nature.
  40. Voracious (adj):  insatiable; craving or consuming large quantities
    I have a voracious appetite for books--sometimes reading a book a day!
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