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  1. What was the calling given to John Whitmer in section 47?
  2. Asthe saints were gathering to Kirtland, they wondered how long they would stay there. What phrase did the Lord use 3 times, in section 47, to answer their question?
    Present time
  3. Who will direct the gathering of the saints to the New Jerusalem?
  4. Section 49 was a revelation directed to what group of people?
    the Shakers
  5. True
    or False: The people to whom section 49 was given did not believe in the doctrine of the Trinity (the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are 3 separate and distinct individuals), in continuous revelation, the necessity of baptism, or in eating meat. They believed God to be both male and female in the same person and that celibacy was the highest type of Christian living.
  6. The people to whom section 49 was given did not believe Christ to be divine. They believed the “Christ spirit” entered into four people, thus qualifying them to become spiritual leaders. Name the four people.
    Adam, Abraham, Ann Lee, Christ
  7. To whom was the Lord referring, in section 49, when he referred to “holy men that ye know not of?”
    John the Revelator and the 3 Nephites
  8. Name the 3 men who were called on the mission to the people mentioned in section 49.
    Sidney Rigdon, Parley P. Pratt, and Leman Copley    
  9. What led Sidney Gilbert to say he “would rather die than go forth to preach the Gospel to the Gentiles?”
    He lacked confidence in his ability to preach
  10. In section 53 what did the Lord command Sidney Gilbert to do?
    Forsake the world, be born again unto Christ
  11. Name one of the important contributions made by W. W. Phelps to the Church.
    He set up the first printing press for the Church in Missouri.
  12. Under what circumstances does the Lord revoke that which he has commanded?
    When those whom He has commanded have been rebellious   
  13. What is the best way, according to Elder Bruce R. McConkie, to overcome selfishness?
    Service, Donate $ to the Church
  14. In section 57, the Lord revealed the location of the “center place” of Zion? Where is, or will, it be?
    Independence, Missouri
  15. President George Q. Cannon suggested the Lord allows tribulations to come upon his people and sometimes withholds desired blessings for two reasons.
    Name them.
    It is that they may escape greater tribulations which would otherwise inevitably overtake them. It is that he may bestow upon them greater and more glorious ones by and by
  16. Brigham Young said if we understood things as they really are, what would we realize about trials through which we are called upon to pass or sacrifices we are required to make?
    We would acknowledge them to be the greatest blessings that could be bestowed upon us
  17. Edward Partridge was chastised by the Lord for his sins. To what sins was the Lord referring?
    His unbelief, hardness of heart and unbelief towards the prophet, Joseph Smith
  18. As Bishop over the whole Church, what was the chief responsibility given to Edward Partridge?
    • Administer the law of consecration:
    • he received the consecrations of the saints and gave them their stewardships ; also he was responsible to judge the people according to the Lord’s law.
  19. What law were the saints commanded to live in Zion?
    law of consecration
  20. Who was given a commandment to write a description of Zion and to dedicate the land of Zion, including the temple lot?
    Sidney Rigdon
  21. To help us become more fully unspotted from the world, what law did the Lord give us in section 59?
    Keep the Sabbath day holy and partake of the sacrament
  22. To what does the command, “not with much laughter, for this is sin” primarily refer?
    Light mindedness and inappropriate laughter, it is specifically talking about the law of fasting   
  23. Why were some of the missionaries chastised in section 60?
    some had failed to preach the gospel because their fear of men was greater than their fear of God. would not open their mouths, would not use their talents.
  24. The Lord said “I shall make up my jewels.” To whom or to what does the word jewels refer?
    Peoplewho prepare themselves by obedience to the commandments, for they will be the jewels the Savior will claim when he comes in glory
  25. Section 61 teaches us that in the latter-days, the Lord has blessed the       ________    and cursed the __________.
    land, waters
  26. What was the errand and mission of Sidney Gilbert and W. W. Phelps referred to in section 61?
    Purchasea printing press and transport it to Missouri. Phelps was to be the printer for the Church, Gilbert had been appointed purchasing agent
  27. In section 61:20, the Lord said he was angry with some of the brethren. Why was he angry with them?
    Because of the disagreements and ill feeling the brethren had over some difficulties. And they were SLOW
  28. True or False: Our efforts to reclaim or save someone else can facilitate our own salvation by helping our sins to be hidden or remitted.
  29. Name one of the things section 62:3 teaches us about testimony?
    testimony is recorded in heaven, people can read it
  30. Based on the Lord’s teachings in section 63, which of the following is true? Seeing is believing or believing is seeing?
    Believing is seeing
  31. What three things does 63:16 say always follow those who lust after another?
    shall not have the spirit, shall deny the faith, and shall fear
  32. In 63:24, two things inevitably follow when we do things in haste (hurriedly). What are they?
    confusion which bringeth pestilence
  33. True or False: If faithful, Latter-day saints will escape the judgments of the last days.
  34. Sidney Rigdon was commanded by the Lord to write a description of Zion. His efforts were not acceptable to the Lord and he was chastised. Why were his efforts not acceptable to the Lord? What happened after he was
    he was too proud to receive counsel, but was given a second chance and it proved to be a success
  35. Insection 63, the Lord said, “let all men beware how they take my name in their lips.” Elder James Talmage suggested four ways we can be guilty of taking the name of the Lord in vain. Name them.
    1-Profane speech, 2-when we swear falsely, not being true to our oaths and promises, 3-when we presume to speak in that name without authority in a blasphemous sense, and 4- when we willfully disobey His commandments since we have taken His name upon ourselves.
  36. What did Brigham Young say about those who choose to take offense, whether the offense was intentional or not?
    hesaid that he who takes offense when no offense was intended is a fool and he who takes offense when offense was intended is usually a fool.
  37. Why did the Lord want to retain a stronghold in Kirtland for five years?
    becauseit was in Kirtland that the first temple in the dispensation was to be built and the essential keys of restoration were to be revealed
  38. PresidentRudger Clawson said a person who ignores the commandment to pay his/her tithing will experience two consequences. What are they?
    the Spirit of the Lord will withdraw from them and the power of the priesthood will withdraw. 
  39. What is compared, in section 65, to the “stone cut without hands?”
    Kingdom of God
  40. What is the difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven?
    the Kingdom of God is what we have now. It is temporal and doesn’t rule politically. The Kingdom of Heaven is what will come after the Second Coming where Christ will take his rightful place and rule the earth.
  41. William McLellin was told, in section 66, “You are clean, but not all?” What did Joseph Fielding Smith suggest that meant?
    hehad repented and had committed no grave sins but he needed to purify his thoughts. they weren’t as clean as they should have been
  42. William McLellin was warned by the Lord about one specific besetting sin. What was that sin?
    sexual sin
  43. Section 67 came during an important Church conference. What was the major matter of business brought before the brethren at the conference?
    They decided to compile the Book of Commandments
  44. What challenge did the Lord give the brethren in section 67?
    to write their own revelation
  45. What was the original name of the collection or revelations that were to be published?
    The Book of Commandments
  46. In section 68, ________ is defined as whatsoever is spoken when moved upon by the Holy Ghost and represents the will, the mind, the word, the voice, and the power of
  47. How did President J. Reuben Clark say we can know if the words of the prophets are inspired by the Holy Ghost?
    If we are inspired by the Holy Ghost ourselves
  48. Section 68 says that a literal descendant of Aaron has a right to the office of _________.
    Presiding Bishop
  49. What sacred charge did the Lord give parents in section 68?
    To teach your children the gospel. (Including: baptism at 8 years old, teaching them to pray, teaching them to walk uprightly before the Lord, teaching them to keep the sabbath day Holy, and schooling them not to be idle in the Church or in their private lives. )
  50. Why was John Whitmer assigned to travel with Oliver Cowdery to Missouri?
    Becauseit was a rough area with little law enforcement, and Oliver was carrying a lot of money and valuable things. Safety in numbers, and another protection.
  51. Because the Lord considers the keeping of records to be so important, what have each of us been encouraged to do?
    Keep a journal, especially of spiritually-significant things
  52. True or False: in the law of consecration, stewardship does not refer to ownership. It refers to management of property or resources and the responsibility to account for the management of those things to the owner or master.
  53. Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were told to leave their work on the Bible and serve a mission. What was the main purpose of that mission?
    The purpose of the mission was to preach the gospel, more specifically to debunk articles that had been published by Ezra Booth, who was the first apostate to publish falsehoods about the church    
  54. For every stewardship we have, what does the Lord require?
    What was the purpose of certificates for members moving from one area to another?
  55. What was the purpose of certificates for members moving from one area to another?
    it showed that each member was in full fellowship and worthy to obtain the blessings which, in Zion, awaited the obedient
  56. In section 73, what were Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon translating?
    the Bible
  57. Section 74 refers to the “unbelieving.” To who does the word “unbelieving” refer?
    Jews who had not joined the Church of Jesus Christ
  58. With what practice, common among the Jews, does section 74 deal?
  59. In order to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost with us, what did the Lord say we must do always? (See 75:10-11).
  60. What does section 75 teach about the responsibility of the Church regarding the families of those called to serve missions?
    the Church was to care for the families of those called to preach. Members were commanded to “open their hearts”
  61. President David O. McKay said the __________ is a gift; the ___________ is a blessing; and the _____________ is success.
    privilege to work, power to work, love of work
  62. What is the name, title or subject of section 76?
    The vision of the degrees of glory
  63. Section 76 is actually comprised of how many separate visions?
  64. D&C 76:5 tells us the Lord is merciful and gracious to those who _______ him and he delights to honor those who ________ him.
    fear, serve
  65. As a preparation or precursor to revelation, what were Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon doing when they received section 76?
    meditating, studying the bible
  66. What is the second death?
    spiritual death that comes to those that are sons of perdition in the resurrection
  67. True or False: All who come to this earth and gain a body will be resurrected, except those who become sons of perdition.
    FALSE everyone is resurrected
  68. True or False: The resurrection of the just includes both those who receive celestial glory and those who receive terrestrial glory.
    TRUE (telestial is after)
  69. What is the Church of the Firstborn?
    those who gain the celestial kingdom
  70. True or False: If a person is properly taught the gospel in this life and has a legitimate opportunity to accept the gospel and rejects it, he/she can still receive the gospel in the spirit world, but cannot reach a glory higher than the terrestrial kingdom.
  71. To inherit the celestial kingdom, a person must be ______ in the testimony of the Savior.
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