ch. 24 bio

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  1. pathogen
    any diseas causing organism
  2. resistance
    ability to not get sick
  3. susceptibility
    able to get sick
  4. nonspecific resistance
    inate immunity; works against any pathogen; ex: skin
  5. immunity
    works against particular pathogen; lymphatic system
  6. blood
    55% water and 45% cells
  7. red blood cells
    erythrocytes; carry oxygen
  8. white blood cells
    leukocytes; function in immune respone
  9. platelets
    thrombocytes; clot blood
  10. neutrophils
    phagocytosis and digest marked pathogens
  11. phagocytosis
    cell eating
  12. pus
    an accumalation of dead cells
  13. eosinophils
    allergic reaction and reject parasistc worms
  14. basophils
    release histamine for inflimation
  15. monocytes
    phagocytosis and digest marked pathogens
  16. lymphocytes
    mark pathogens for destruction; t cels b cells
  17. different numbers of the different WBCs indicate
    different diseases
  18. skin
    forms a barrier to most micro organisms; has antimicriobial chemicals
  19. sweat
    very salty and midly acidic
  20. mucus membranes
    trap pathogens; cilia sweeps pathogens out
  21. stomach acid
    low pH kills most pathogens
  22. saliva
    very little salt;  hypotonic
  23. tears
    very salty; hypertonic
  24. bladder
    acidic urine; flow of urine washes out pathogens
  25. vagina
    acidic pH
  26. complement system
    26 different proteins working together to poke a hole in marked bacteria
  27. natural killer cells
    kill tumors
  28. inflamation
    body raises temp of an injured tissue; local ; caused by increased blood flow
  29. fever
    body can defend against specific disease causing organisims
  30. immunity (list)
    • 1. will be specific to one pathogen
    • 2. wil remeber pathogen next time
    • 3. secondary response is faster next time
  31. when they do organ transplants
    they try to match the antigens between the donor and recipient
  32. new legislation is trying to make organs available
    nationwide depending on who needs the organ most
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