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  1. what is not a reason that the media article "drugs helps defense system fight cancer" is a poor interpretation of the research article
    the media article claims the same amount of patients enrolled and same percent with side effects
  2. in group 1's presentation about a potential cancer cure, what phase was the clinical trial in
    phase I
  3. what type of receptor is involved in the drug that "cures" cancer
  4. the main objective of the poster (group 2) was to compare the information provided by
    a media article from new york rimes and a research article found using pubmed
  5. how does the media article compare to the primary article on the topic of 5% weight loss
    the media article states that over 40% achieved 5% weight loss in 12 weeks and this was correct with the primary article
  6. what was concluded from the BLOOM-DM study and the new york times article regarding the drug lorcaserin
    lorcaserin is safe for both patient use and as an aid in weight loss
  7. in the poster presentation on prescription drug to aid weight loss wins F.D. A Backing vs, randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial of lorcaserin for weight loss in type 2 diabetes mellitus. what was the primary errro in the statistics stated in the news article
    the statistics in the news articles were statistics from the clinical trial but were reported in an inaccurate context
  8. what database was the warfarin and aspirin newspaper article found
    info trac newstand
  9. what were the regimens the patients were given during the study
    half of patients received warfarin and dummy aspinin
  10. from the statements made from the media article which one has the largest potential for being misinterpreted by the general public
    aspirin works just as well as warfarin
  11. median progression-free survival with combination everolimus and exemestane was
    10.6 months
  12. the subjects in the everolimus study had
    hormone-receptro-positive breast cancer
  13. compared to the NEMJ study on breast concer, the results published in the newspaper, the sun;
    contained less information
  14. what does EDSS score stand for
    expanded disability status scale score
  15. what medication was studied to determine its efficacy in slowing the progression of disability in MS patients
    interferon  beta
  16. what was the primary problem with the NY times article evaluating the study on the efficacy of interferon beta in slowing progression of MS
    at times the authors prioritized impact over accuracy
  17. what is the name of the investigational drug in the study
  18. the study was looking for improvement in what aspect of the patients with relapsing MS
    relapse rates
  19. BG-12 was expected to reduce lesions present in MS patients in which area of the body
  20. in "is your headache killing you" what medication was evaluated for overdose
  21. in "is your headache killing you" what dose of acetaminophen was considered the maximum daily dose
    4000 mg
  22. what clinical setting are patients at increased risk of overdosing on acetaminophen products
  23. the data for the mortality rate from opioid pain reliever abuse (1999-2010) was collected from
    thirteen states
  24. which of the following is false regarding methadone prescription in the US
    methadone is prescribed by experienced clinicians only
  25. compared to the original artilce, the popular media source (New York times) often contains
    less information
  26. what is the name of the protein that causes progeria
  27. what estimated percent of the worlds progeria population took place in this study
  28. the drug being investigated in the progeria study, a farnesyltranserase inhibitor, was initially used to treat what
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