Architecture- French

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  1. How did renaissance come to France?

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    1- Direct engagement with military campaign from France into Northern Italy

    2- Intellectual exchange: The French were readding the Italian Renissance humanness (Believed in self improvement with emphasis on the individual) writings

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  2. What is it that spurts the economic growth for France?
    The town immitated the king in everything he does.
  3. What did the French King and his court become known for throughout Europe?
    Their luxorous lifestyle
  4. How was renissance architecture affected?
    • -Castle with moat became outdated
    • -Increased emphasis on comfort and pleasure
    • -Classical architecture forms (or GrekoRoman forms) and motifs replaced
  5. What does Chateau mean?
    French home of the wealthy
  6. What is the name for a wealthy French home?
  7. When you entered into a French castle where would you enter into?
  8. In the Chateau of Blois, what time period was the architecture from, and what time period was the ornament from?
    • Architecture: Renaissance
    • Ornament: Mostly gothic
  9. What time period had the floors made of colored tile that were layed out into a pattern?
    French Renaissance
  10. Which time period had a 'hallway' called a Gallery?
    French Renaissance
  11. What was the point of the Gallery in the French Renaissance period?
    It gave privacy to the bedrooms. This is the first time they do not have all of the rooms just connected to each other
  12. Which time period had exposed beams in the ceiling that were decorated?
    French Renaissance
  13. What was the most decorative piece in a room during the French Renaissance?
    The mantles
  14. when was the whole fireplace in the wall?
    French Renaissance
  15. Arabesque decorative patterning was borrowed from where?
  16. What floor pattern is like this
    Herringbone floor pattern
  17. What time period used herringbone floor pattern?
    French Renaissance
  18. What time period used arabesque ornamentation?
    French Renaissance
  19. Bun feet were used on furniture during what time period?
    French Renaissance
  20. Describe French Renaissace furniture
    • Bun feet
    • Ball feet
    • high pannelled back
    • spiral turning arms on chairs
    • low stretchers on chairs
    • Arabesque ornamentation- richly ornamented furniture
    • turned legs and arm supports
  21. Who believed in the Renaissance movement?
    Henry II
  22. Who succeeded Fransis I?
    Henry II
  23. What time period was Francis I responsible for?
    French Renaissance
  24. Who decided Gothic was unimportant?
    • Henry II
    • during French Renaissance
  25. What does 'parquet floors' mean?
    it means geometric floor pattern

    ex: Herring bone

    (French Renaissance)
  26. How was the ceiling during French Renaissance time?
    still beamed or coffered

    (coffered ceiling= greko roman)
  27. what were the main woods during French Renaissance?
    Oak and walnut

    • ebony
    • pear wood
    • pine
  28. Gothic architecture forms and ornament give what?
    they give way to classically inspired architecture form and ornament
  29. where was an armoire used?
    in the bedroom

    French Renaissance
  30. Who was known as the sun king?
    Louis XVI

    French Baroque
  31. How long was the longest Reign in European history?
    72 years
  32. Who heald the longest Reign in European History?
    Louis XVI

    (since he was 13)
  33. whose emblum looks like a cursive sideways L
    Louis XVI

    French Baroque
  34. Who makes design and style an important part of government policy?
    • Louis XVI
    • -he wanted this to be his greatest achievement

    French Baroque
  35. What did Louis XVI do to accomplish his biggest goal?
    He invited the most talented architects, designers, artists, sculptures, and cabinet makers to France and he employs them.

    They then take the Italian Baroque, refine it, and make it very ellagant.
  36. Who invited the most talented architects, designers, artists, sculptures, and cabinet makers to France and he employs them to transform France to be Baroque?
    Louis XVI
  37. Which was designed better, the French Baroque or the Italian Baroque?
    The French Baroque
  38. What is it the helps the French economy, and when does this take place?
    French Baroque

    When Louis XIV has the factories and workshops for his employees, these are helping the economy.
  39. What period is the Chateau from?
    French Baroque
  40. Explain how the floor levels were during the French Baroque time period.
    • Their ground floor was where the kitchen and laudry room were etc.
    • Their second floor was our first floor
    • Their third floor was our second floor- was for sleeping rooms

    ground, 1st floor, 2nd floor
  41. What time period places all of the furniture against the wall?
    French Baroque
  42. What time period did they have three main roads connect to the palace?
    French Baroque
  43. When the floors are clearly separated, what time period is that?
    French Renaissance
  44. True or False
    French Baroque was more dramatic that Italian Baroque

    French Baroque was not as dramatic or over the top as the Italians.
  45. Which time period was the Versailles building from?
    French Baroque
  46. Describe the Versailles Gallery of Mirrors.
    There were 17 full length windows across the building in the front, and in the Gallery of Mirrors there were full length mirrors duplicating the windows across.

    Duplicate candle stands

  47. Which room and time period was the lit with rock crystals and candles?
    The Salon of War in Versailles from the French Baroque period
  48. What do the feathers on top of the beds mean? What time period is this from?
    From the French Baroque

    Feathers mean roalty
  49. Commode is the French term for what?
    Chest of drawers
  50. What time period were ormolu mounts introduced?
    French Baroque
  51. What are Ormolu mounts?
    all of the metal ornamentaion done on furniture
  52. What is the French term for a dresser?
  53. What was designed to go against the wall and then be pulled out for use in the Baroque period?
    Console Tables
  54. Describe elements a French Baroque chair might have.
    • High rectangular back (maybe with hump in center)
    • Volutes at ends of arm rests
    • Overscaled with large ornamentation
    • Bun feet on a plinth
    • Entirely upholstered
    • Arms curve downward
    • Heavy H shaped stretchers
  55. Why was the furniture overscaled during the French Baroque?
    because the rooms were very large
  56. What is marquetry?
    small pieces of vineer wood that create an organic image
  57. Is the French Baroque ornament symmetrical or asymmetrical?
    Always symmetrical
  58. What was the period between the dramatic Baroque and the delicate Rococo period?
  59. Intimacy had an impact on what period?
    The Rococo period
  60. When do GrekoRoman classical orders disappear from architecture and interiors?
    French Rococo
  61. When was the curved line favored more over the straight line?
    French Rococo
  62. What colors were favored in the French Rococo period?
    Pale, soft colors
  63. When was ornament and detail asymmetrical?
    French Rococo
  64. Is the French Rococo ornament symmetrical or asymmetrical?
  65. Which time period is very femanine?
    French Rococo
  66. French Rococo style emphasized what?
    human comfort and proportion
  67. The room is symmetrical but the detail and ornament is asymmetrical.
    What time period does this represent?
    French Rococo
  68. When do the rooms become smaller and more intimate?
    French Rococo
  69. When do multipurpose rooms disappear?
    French Rococo
  70. What is a drawing room and when is it from?
    • From the French Rococo period.
    • This is where men would go after dinner to withdrawl
  71. What were powder rooms for and when did they show up?
    • From the French Rococo period
    • This is were men and women would powder their wigs
  72. When did libraries, music rooms and writing rooms show up?
    French Rococo
  73. When did they start mounting counsoles to the wall?
    French Rococo
  74. What does a Fateuil Chair mean?
    It means it has open arms
  75. Describe a chair from the French Rococo period.
    • The back is a shield shape
    • Upholstered arm rests
    • Arms are set back
    • Frame is curvillinear, carved and entirely visible
    • No stretchers
    • Scroll foot
  76. When did human comfort become very important?
    French Rococo
  77. When did they start to scale down the chairs and furniture to human scale? And what was this called?
    During the French Rococo and it was called Euronomics
  78. When was it typical to have a smaller table?
    French Rococo
  79. What does the Lacker coat do to furniture?
    It gives it a glass like look.

    French Rococo
  80. What did they do to furniture to give it a glass like look?
    Applied a lacker coat

    French Rococo
  81. Describe the Neoclassical Period in one sentance.
    Neoclassical Style returns to total symmetry, formality, and classical orders while retaining the charm and intimacy of the Rococo period.
  82. Who was the Hamlet built for and during what time period?
    Marie Antoinette during the French Neoclassical
  83. What was the style of design that was the transition of the Neoclassical to the Empire?
  84. What was the most important piece of the French Neoclassical period?
    Petit Trianon
  85. Describe the Petit Trianon
    • It had rigid symmetry
    • The use of ornament was restrained
  86. When did stretched fabric become very popluar above the dado?
    French Neoclassical
  87. Which time period has all rectalinear pannels above the dado?
    French Neoclassical
  88. Describe typical French Neoclassical bedroom wall.
    • Rectalinear pannels above the dado
    • Symmetrical
    • Mantles could have colums or pilasters
    • Symmetrical ornamentation and restrained in scale
  89. Describe the differences in furniture between Rococo and Neoclassical
    • Neoclassical is:
    • rectalinear
    • Tapored legs
    • curves are compass curves
  90. Describe qualities of a French Neoclassical chair
    • Uprights at back and terminate in finials
    • Back if rectangular with a "hat"
    • Upholstered arm rests
    • Arms are set back
    • No stretchers
    • Straight turned legs
  91. What is a compas curve and when was it used?
    It is a more exact curve- like a circle

    From the French Neoclassical
  92. The eagle is a symbol of who?
  93. Napolean was from what time period?
    French Empire
  94. Who wanted to make Paris the center of Europe and world class?
    Napolean Boneaparte
  95. What was Napolean's goal?
    To conqueor and rule the world.
  96. Where was The Arc de Tripmphe from?
    French Empire
  97. Very heavy and masculine describe what time period?
    French Empire
  98. What does swagging fabric mean?
    It means that it is loosely draped fabric
  99. What time period uses swagging fabric?
    French Empire
  100. What makes a room French Empire?
    Swagging fabric
  101. Who wanted all of their buildings to be copies of ancient Rome?

    -he also wanted to create a popular design
  102. Through his family, the empire style becomes an international style. Who is this?
  103. Describe a chair during the French Empire period.
    • Square back
    • Figural supports under the arms
    • Splayed, Heavy legs in the back
    • Straight legs in the front
    • Paw feet
    • Minimal ornamentation
    • Still ormalou mounts but they are minimalized
  104. What is the wood of choice during the French Empire period?
  105. Why was mahagoney the wood of choice during the French Empire period?
    Because it is dark and it looks masculine and heavy
  106. Why does the ornament start to minimize during the French Empire period?
    For the beauty of the Mahagoney wood
  107. How was Empire furniture made?
    Cheaply by mass production because it was machine made at the end of the style.
  108. Which time period had three legged tables?
    French Empire
  109. Who was responsible for creating a network of Avenues, Boulevards and Train stations?
    Napolean III
  110. What is the term for asian motif?
  111. Name all of the French periods in the correct order
    • Renaissance
    • Baroque
    • Rococo
    • Neoclassical
    • Empire
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