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  1. quotation music
    idea or concept of incorporation the odd and the newly composed music that incorporate uses actual/previous music in it
  2. music style since 1945 (ww ii)
    • -chance music
    • -electronic music
    • -minimalism
    • -quotation music
  3. chance music (aleaotric)
    type of music that is written so that each time it is performed, you get something different.
  4. jackson pollace-
    artist connected w/ this style
  5. john cage
    wrote many "pieces" of aleatoric or chance music

  6. edgard varese
    • french composer
    • great innovauetors of electronic music
    • 1958 world's fair in brussels
    • poeme electronique (electronic poem)
  7. minimalism
    developed in the mid1960's reaction to atonal /12tone/other non-traditional music
  8. minimalistic music   &  ostinato.
    steady pulse, clear tonality and insistent repetition of short melodic pattern called: ostinato. 

    very tonal (traditional sounding harmny

    trance-like or hypnotic, influenced by indian music
  9. types of music
    • Impressionism-Debussy
    • Expressionism (atonal and 12-tone)- Schoenberg
    • Neoclassicism-Copland
    • Primitivism-Stravinsky
    • Aleatoric Music (chance Music)-Cage
    • Minimalism-adams
    • Quotation Music-zwilich
  10. tone color
    greater variety of tone color, creation of new instruments and combinations, greater use of percussion instruments
  11. harmony
    chromatic (extra notes), these continue and greater use of dissonance. use other scales developed new method of creating harmony using all notes.

    • new and diff. chords fourth and poly chords
    • new harmonic systems including 12-tone
  12. meter
    greater use of rhythm and meter/changing and multiple meters
  13. ~impressionist music

    claude debussy-
    ~emphasises tone color, atmosphere and fluidity

    french composer we associate with this style.

    whole tone scale

    prelude to the afternoon of a faun
  14. primitivism
    style of music whisch uses harsh dissonances,driving rhythms and accents to create a driving, primitive and rustic sound
  15. igor stravinsky
    • russian composer
    • commissioned by the russian ballet to compose music for three ballets
    • stravinsky came to the US
    • the rite of sprin -pagen sacrifical rites-huhan sacrifies
    • rhythms, harsh dissonances accent
  16. ostinato
    a short pattern rhythm or melody or both is repeated incessantly at the same pitch.
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