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  1. How would the problem of adjustment in marriage take care of itself according to Pres. Harold B. Lee?
    If people “would resolve from the moment of their marriage, that from that time forth they would resolve and do everything in their power to please each other in things that are right, even to the sacrifice of their own pleasures, their own appetites, their own desires, the problem of adjustment in married life would take care of itself, and their home would indeed be a happy home.
  2. All things related to procreation are a prime target that Satan uses to destroy God’s plan and his children according to Dallin H. Oaks. Why is this?
    It was essential that God’s spirit children have mortal birth
  3. According to Elder Russell M. Nelson, when is the time to talk? What is essential in order for husband and wife to keep lines of communication intact?
    Taking time to talk is essential to keep lines of communication intact. If marriage is a prime relationship in life, it deserves prime time!
  4. According to Elder Dallin H. Oaks, how does the Church view changes made to the treatment of men and women?
    Our eternal perspective sets us against changes that alter those separate duties and privileges of men and women that are essential to accomplish the great plan of happiness.
  5. Know the four “most beautiful and appealing experiences of life” that Elder Boyd K. Packer said that Lucifer tries to corrupt.
    Romance, love, marriage, and parenthood
  6. What does Elder Packer teach about the complementing differences between men and women? 
    It humbled him to learn that he could not obtain his rightful inheritance without her. She was not concerned that, as guardian of the vault, he held two keys, for his full purpose was to see that she was safe as she watched over that which was most precious to them both.She was not concerned that, as guardian of the vault, he held two keys, for his full purpose was to see that she was safe as she watched over that which was most precious to them both.
  7. What does Elder James E. Faust teach about the different functions of mothers and fathers in raising their children? 
    In marriage, neither is superior; each has a different primary and divine responsibility. Both mothers and fathers are equipped to nurture children, but their  approaches are different. Mothers seem to take a dominant role in preparing children to live within their families, present and future. Fathers seem best equipped to prepare children to function in the environment outside the family
  8. According to Pres. Hinckley, what is the most certain way to prevent a marriage from becoming commonplace and dull?
    for a man occasionally to reflect upon the fact that the helpmeet who stands at his side is a daughter of God, engaged with Him in the great creative process of bringing to pass His eternal purposes.  I know of no more effective way for a woman to keep ever radiant the love for her husband than for her to look for and emphasize the godly qualities that are a part of every son of our Father and that can be evoked when there is respect and admiration and encouragement.
  9. What does Marion G. Romney teach with respect to independence?
    independence and self-reliance are critical keys to our spiritual growth.
  10. What idea is the most destructive of family and happiness according to Elder Boyd K. Packer?
    the idea that we are not the offspring of God, but only advanced animals.
  11. In the pamphlet, “Father, Consider Your Ways” it instructs fathers on the importance of teaching their children. According to the pamphlet, when you recognize this importance, what else happens? 
    you become humble
  12. Know the 10 things Pres. Benson said a father’s role regarding spiritual leadership includes. 
    • 1. Give father’s blessings to your children. Baptize and confirm your children. Ordain your sons to the priesthood. These will become spiritual highlights in the lives of your children.
    • 2. Personally direct family prayers, daily scripture reading, and weekly family home evenings. Your personal involvement will show your children how important these activities really are.
    • 3. Whenever possible, attend Church meetings together as a family. Family worship under your leadership is vital to your children’s spiritual welfare.
    • 4. Go on daddy-daughter dates and father-and-sons’ outings with your children. As a family, go on campouts and picnics, to ball games and recitals, to school programs, and so forth. Having Dad there makes all the difference.
    • 5. Build traditions of family vacations and trips and outings. These memories will never be forgotten by your children.
    • 6. Have regular one-on-one visits with your children. Let them talk about what they would like to. Teach them gospel principles. Teach them true values. Tell them you love them. Personal time with your children tells them where Dad puts his priorities.
    • 7. Teach your children to work, and show them the value of working toward a worthy goal. Establishing mission funds and education funds for your children shows them what Dad considers to be important.
    • 8. Encourage good music and art and literature in your homes. Homes that have a spirit of refinement and beauty will bless the lives of your children forever.
    • 9. As distances allow, regularly attend the temple with your wife. Your children will then better understand the importance of temple marriage and temple vows and the eternal family unit.
    • 10. Have your children see your joy and satisfaction in service to the Church. This can become contagious to them, so they, too, will want to serve in the Church and will love the kingdom.
  13. According to Jeffrey R. Holland, what is the greatest of things that will be required of fathers?
    to have done all they could for the happiness and spiritual safety of the children they are to nurture.
  14. What does Elder Richard G. Scott teach concerning the Lord’s response to wayward children? 
    He continues to love them. He has never blamed Himself for their unwise choices
  15. What does Elder Robert D. Hales teach about working together as a family? 
    Work together as a family, even if it may be faster and easier to do the job ourselves. Talk with our sons and daughters as we work together.
  16. If he were a parent of young children again, what two changes did Elder L. Tom Perry say he would make? 
    spend more time as husband and wife in a family executive committee meeting learning, communicating, planning, and organizing to better fulfill our roles as parents AND to spend more family time
  17. In Pres. Ezra Taft Benson’s talk, “Beware of Pride,” What does he say about righteous pride?
    In the scriptures there is no such thing as righteous pride—it is always considered a sin.
  18. According to Pres. Ezra Taft Benson’s talk, “Beware of Pride,” How does the proud respond to counsel or correction? 
    The proud cannot accept the authority of God giving direction to their lives.
  19. Know Pres. Ezra Taft Benson’s talk, “Beware of Pride.” Pride is essentially what kind of an approach to life?
    Essentially, pride is a “my will” rather than “thy will” approach to life.
  20. According to Pres. Ezra Taft Benson’s talk, “Beware of Pride,” What is the antidote for pride?
  21. The Lord used the word “rebuke” only once in correcting Joseph Smith. Why did he do this? 
    He had failed to teach his children.
  22. What did Elder Robert E. Wells say was a “tragic, sinful attitude that must be changed” in relation to marital communications? 
  23. What does Elder Dallin H. Oaks about freedom and agency?
    Our freedom CAN be limited by various conditions of mortality, but God’s gift of agency CANNOT be limited by outside forces, because it is the basis for our accountability to him.
  24. What are Elder M. Russell Ballard’s three keys to improving family finances? 
    • 1. have a positive attitude toward ourselves
    • 2. planning, which means to think out beforehand how we intend to reach our goals in life
    • 3. practice self-discipline both at our work and as we attempt to reduce our expenses in our homes.
  25. What does Elder M. Russell Ballard suggest as a better alternative to mothers leaving the home to work? 
    We are far better off if we can improve and become more valuable on our full-time jobs (motherhood) than if we attempt to hold two jobs or to have mothers leave home to join the workforce.
  26. What is the definition of “tradition” according to Elder Marion D. Hanks?
    The knowledge, doctrines, customs, practices, etc., transmitted from generation to generation
  27. According to Pres. Hinckley, there cannot be peace and freedom where there is not what? 
    • There cannot be peace where there is not trust;
    • there cannot be freedom where there is not loyalty.
  28. What does Pres. Howard W. Hunter teach about trust in marriage?
    Be faithful in your marriage covenants in thought, word, and deed. Pornography, flirtations, and unwholesome fantasies erode one’s character and strike at the foundation of a happy marriage. Unity and trust within a marriage are thereby destroyed.
  29. What did J. Reuben Clark Jr. teach that one must be willing to do in order to be loyal in marriage? 
    put away selfishness, greed, ambition and all of the baser qualities of the human mind. You cannot be loyal unless you are willing to surrender. There is no growth, mental, physical or spiritual, unless there be some curtailment, some sacrifice may I say, on the part of him who would be loyal. His own preferences and desires must be put away, and he must see only the great purpose which lies out ahead
  30. What is meant by the term “help meet?”
    Two individuals with equal ability to rescue each other
  31. Know the four “Hallmarks of a Happy Home” according to Pres. Monson. What is the #1 hallmark?
    • 1. A pattern of prayer.
    • 2. A library of learning.
    • 3. A legacy of love.
    • 4. A treasury of testimony.
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