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  1. Limitations on taxes
    • church service/ newspaper
    • no export taxes
    • direct takes must be equal
    • can only tax for public purpose
  2. Limitaions on Commerce
    • No export taxes
    • Cant favor one states ports
    • no state to state tax
    • slave trade
  3. Gibbon V. Ogden
    set precedent for interstate trade
  4. Naturalization
    process of citizenship, either natural born or can be naturalized 
  5. How to become a citizen
    • must be 18
    • live in US
    • take the text
    • give oath
  6. Expressed Powers
    • Currencey Power
    • Borrowing Power
    • Bankrupsy Power
    • Power of tax
    • Commerce Power
  7. Currency Power
    only federal government can coin, borrow, and set value
  8. Borrowing Power
    congress has the power to borrow $ on the credit of the US
  9. Bankrupsy Power
    set the rules and regualtions for bankrupsy
  10. Power of Tax
    can tax, has regulations
  11. Commerce Power
    only federal govenment can regulate foreign and interstate trade
  12. Non-Legislative Powers
    • Electoral Power-If no canidate recieves a majority in the elecoral college, the house of res picks the president and senate picks vice president
    • Executive Power- approve appointments and treaties 
    • Investigating Powers- gather information for a law, present the effectiveness of law, see if its being administered correctly
  13. War Powers ACT of 1973
    • Only congress can declare war
    • President can send troops but must inform congress within 48 hrs, and congress must approve withing 60-90 days
  14. Impeachment process
    bring charges against an offcial, house votes on charges, majority senate sits as a jury, 2/3 chief justice precents over it.
  15. Indirect Taxes
    Added tax, sales tax 
  16. Direct Taxes
    Tax paid directly to goverment by person who owes the tax
  17. 20th Amendment
    End of terms
  18. 21st amendment
    end of prohibition
  19. 22nd amendment
    president cannot be elected more than twice
  20. 23rd amendment
    presidential electors for DC
  21. 24th amendment 
    right to vote in federal elections
  22. 25th amdnedment 
    vice president becomes president
  23. 26th amendment
    right to vote when 18
  24. 27th amendment
    limits congress's power to fix salaries of its members
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