TGG Part 2

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  1. Crescendo
    a gradual increase in volume and intensity.
  2. Cynical
    given to faultfinding, sneering, and sarcasm, exhibiting feelings of mocking disbelief
  3. Debauchery
    moral corruption
  4. deft
    skillful, adroit
  5. Defunct
    no longer existing dead
  6. desolate
    deserted, without inhabitants
  7. despairing
    hopeless, feeling futility
  8. Dilatory
  9. Din
    loud and discordant noises
  10. Disconcerting
    upsetting, frustrating
  11. Discord
    lack of agreement, tension, strife
  12. Disdain
    intense dislike, treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
  13. Ecstasy
    extreme happiness
  14. Eddy
    a current of air or water moving contrary to the main current, especially circularly
  15. Elicit
    to bring out a response, to evoke
  16. Endow
    to provide with income or property, to supply with a talent or quality
  17. Engrossed
    completely occupied or absorbed
  18. Euphemism
    substituting an inoffensive or less offensive term for one that is offensive
  19. Exalt
    to glorify, praise, raise in rank
  20. Feint
    a false appearance a fake punch to occupy defenses allowing a real blow
  21. Ferocity
  22. Fervent
    ardent, showing great emotion, impassioned
  23. Florid
    flowery, flushed with color
  24. Follage
    cluster of leaves
  25. Formidable
    menacing, causing fear or awe
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