Music Theory

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  1. What is pitch
    The highness of loweness of a sound
  2. What is the distance between the pitch A, and the next higher or lower A? 
    Octave (A,B,C,D,E,F,G.. A<------) 
  3. How are pitches represented in terms of frequency
    Few pitches have a single frequency. Most are a dominant frequency with other faint frequencies
  4. When looking at an Octave of a low A going to a high A. What is the low A called? What is the presence of the higher pitches called?
    the Fundamental; the higher pitches which accompany the dominant fundamental are the overtones
  5. What is it called when an Octave is divided into 12 equal parts
    equal temperament tuning
  6. What are the 12 pitches of equal temperament tuning called
    the Chromatic Scale
  7. What is it called when two notes are identical in pitch? (Eb and D#) 
    Enharmonic pitches 
  8. Within the chromatic scale, their is 7 basic pitches. How are they organized 
    In ascending order (low to high)
  9. What is the most common scale? What are the basic pitches? 
    • C Major is the basic scale. 
    • C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C
  10. What is the Leading Tone?
    • It is the pitch with the 7th power in a scale. 
    • C Major: C^1, D^2, E^3, F^4, G^5, A^6, B^7, C
  11. What is the Tonic Pitch?
    • The point of repose and completion of a scale. 
    • C Major: C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C
  12. What is the Dominant Pitch?
    • Dominant pitch is the pitch with the 5th power in a scale
    • C Major: C^1, D^2, E^3, F^4, G^5, A^6, B^7, C
  13. What is the distance between any two pitches called
  14. What is the unit of measurement of an interval
    • Half Step (semitone)
    • Think of semitone as, two halfsteps make a whole tone. So a halfstep is "semi" of a whole
  15. In what two ways can an interval be seen
    • Harmonic (two pitches.. at the same damn time) 
    • Melodic (two pitches in succession)
  16. What can a scale be described as
    A succession of whole and halfsteps
  17. What is the basic order of intervals in a Major Scale
    • Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Whole, Half
    • M2, M2, m2, M2, M2, M2, m2
  18. What are the pitches of a C Major? What are the pitches of a Bb Major?
    Image Upload
  19. What is the basic intervals of a Harmonic Minor scale
    • Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Half, Whole and Half, Half
    • M2, m2, M2, M2, m2, m3, m2
    • (Whole and Half can be thought of as minor 3rd or augmented 2nd. It all depends on the pitches within the scale)
  20. What are the pitches of a C Harmonic Minor 
    Image Upload
  21. What are the basic intervals of a Natural Minor
    • Whole, Half, Whole, Whole, Half, Whole, Whole
    • M2, m2, M2, M2, m2, M2, M2
  22. What are the pitches of a F Natural Minor
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  23. When a Major scale, and Minor scale use the same pitches within the scale, but only have different Tonics. It is called what?
    relative major and minor 
  24. What is it called when Major and Minor scales have the same Tonic
  25. What is the oscillation between Major and Minor scales called? 
    peremennost, (alternation) typical of Russian folk music
  26. What is a melody
    A succession of pitches that sound like they forma whole
  27. What is Conjunct? What is Disjunct?
    • Conjunct is when a melody moves in smooth intervals (whole and halfsteps)
    • Disjunct is when a melody moves in irregular intervals and leaps (using anything from minor 3rds to a major 10th)
  28. What is the register? 
    • High, middle and low parts of an instruments range. 
    • Going from the fundamental to the next highest pitch and continuing until you complete the octave
  29. What is music organized over time?
  30. What is Beat?
    A steady pulse which underlies most music. Sometimes audible, sometimes not
  31. What is the speed of the beat called?
  32. Define each of the following common tempo markings.
    Presto, Allegro, Moderato, Andante, Adagio, Lento or Grave
    • Presto: Very Fast
    • Allegro: Fast
    • Moderato: Moderate
    • Andante: "at walkings tempo"
    • Adagio: Slow
    • Lento or Grave: Very Slow
  33. What are beats grouped in? 
    Measures, (unformally, bars) which are seperated into bar lines
  34. What is the first beat in a measure?
    The strongest beat, or, the downbeat
  35. What is it called when the first spoken word falls before the downbeat
    The "pickup" or anacrusis
  36. What defines the meter in a measure
    • The time signature
    • Consists of two numbers, upper is beats per minute, lower is duration of one beat
  37. When is a rhythem syncopated
    When accented or emphasized notes fall on weak beats
  38. What is another name for polyrhythem? When does it occur? 
    • Cross-Rhythem
    • Two conflicting rhythem patterns are present at the same time
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