Euk Translation

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  1. What is the function of RNA helicase?
    Melt out stems in mRNA which is found in initiation and enlongation factors.
  2. most EIF, EEF and EFs have multiple...
  3. UTR stands for...
    Untranslated Region
  4. ORF stands for
    Open reading frame
  5. the 60S large ribosomal subunit has what components?
    • 28S rRNA
    • 5.8S rRNA
    • 5S rRNA
  6. the 40S small ribosomal subunit has what components?
    • 18S rRNA
    • 5.8S rRNA
    • 5S rRNA
  7. 40S + 60S =?
  8. All 3 RNA polymers are needed for ...
    eukaryotic translation
  9. RNA polymerase I consists of..
    18S, 28S, 5.8S
  10. RNA polymerase II consists of ...
  11. RNA Polymerase III consists of
  12. ribosomal subunits are assembled in the .....
  13. The ribosomal subunits transcribe ______ which needs to move back to the _________.
    • mRNA
    • cytoplasm
  14. Once the mRNA moves back to the cytoplasm it translates...
  15. After the protein is translated in the cytoplasm is goes back into the...
  16. 3' 18S has no complement to....
  17. In Eukaryotic tanslation intiation there is no________ (No shine delgarno)
    Ribosomal binding site (rbs)
  18. the 5' cap of the 7-methyl guanosine is recognized by...
  19. The eIF4 binds to _________ and Poly A binds _______.
    • 40S Subunit
    • protein
  20. Poly A protein binds to...
    Poly A tail
  21. eIF4 is involved with what two things regarding eukaryotic tanslation initiation?
    The recognition of the 7-methylguanosine cap and the binding of the mRNA to the small ribosomal unit.
  22. the 40S ribosomal unite pre-binds what?
  23. There is no _____ trna in eukaryotes.
    f-met trna
  24. What makes the main eukaryotic initiation complex (eIF4)
    • eIF
    • 40S
    • tRNAmeti
  25. The intiation complex moves ______-stream and pauses on the ______.
    • downstream
    • AUG codon
  26. Only ____% of the time, the 1st AUG is used.
  27. Once the AUG is found by the intiation complex, the _____ binds.
  28. What are the four factors that help you pick AUG?
    • Short (<10NT) 5' UTR is not translated well
    • Kozac Rule: Conserved sequences around the AUG codon that enhances the start.
    • If you have a hairpin (stem loop) just the downstream 3' side of AUG will enhance it.
    • A strong stem loop close to the cap will black translation
  29. Short (<10NT) 5' UTR are usually not _________well
  30. Kozac's rule is when.....
    You have conserved sequences around the AUG codon that enhances the start.
  31. A strong stem loop that is to close to the cap will ________ translation.
  32. what is needed for optimal translation?
    kozacks rules
  33. The eukaryotic initiator tRNA is...
  34. the initial binding of mRNA to the eukaryotic ribosome requires a ...
  35. The eukaryotic enlongation rate in trnaslation is typically....
    2 to 6 amino acids
  36. Eukaryotic translation termination requires what two factors?
    eRF1 and eRF3
  37. eIF1, eIF2 amd eIF6 do what?
    prevent association between small and large ribosomal subunits
  38. eIF2 does what?
    promotes binding of initiator tRNA to the small ribosomal subunit
  39. eIF5 does what?
    help dissociate other enlongation factors which allows the large ribosomal subunit to bind
  40. eEF1 (alpha) function is...
    involved in the binding of tRNA
  41. eEF1 (beta) function is...
    Nucleotide exchange factors required for the functioning of EF-Tu and EFF1 (alpha)
  42. The eEF2 function is...
    required for tanslocation
  43. what is the eRF1 function?
    Recognizes a stop codon and triggers the cleavage of the polypeptide from the tRNA
  44. what is the eRF3 function?
    GTPases that are also involved in termination
  45. Which ribosomal sites can be found at a tRNA without an amino acid attached?
    The E and P sites
  46. a tRNA without an amino acid attached is only briefly found in the P-site, just before _______ occurs
  47. Which ribosomal sites can be found at a tRNA with a polypeptide attached?
    The P site and A site
  48. A tRNA with a polypeptide chain attached is only briefly found in the ____site, just before translocation occurs.
  49. Which ribosomal sites would you find on A tRNA with a single amino acid attached?
    Usually the A site, except the initiator tRNA which can be found in the P site.
  50. An mRNA encodes a polypeptide that is 312 amino acids in length. The 53rd codon in this polypeptide is a tryptophan codon.A mutation in the gene that encodes this polypeptide changes this tryptophan codon into a stop codon. How many amino acids would be in the resulting polypeptide: 52, 53, 259, or 260?
  51. Describe the components of eukaryotic ribosomal subunits and where the assembly of the subunits occurs within living cells.
    • 33 proteins and one rRNA assemble to form a 40S subunit,
    • 49 proteins and three rRNAs assemble to form a 60S subunit.
    • assembly occurs within the nucleolus.
  52. Would a bacterial mRNAbe translated in vitro by eukaryotic ribosomes?
    The initiation phase of translation is very different in bacteria and in eukaryotes, so they would not be translated very efficiently (bacterial mRNA Lacks cap structure)
  53. Would a eukaryotic mRNA be translated in vitro by bacterial ribosomes?
    A eukaryotic mRNA would not have a Shine-Dalgarno sequence near its 5' end, so it would not be translated very efficiently in abacterial translation system.
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