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  1. Which network topology focuses on the direction in which data flows within the physical environment?
    The logical network refers to the direction in which data flows on the network within the physical topology. The logical diagram is not intended to focus on the network hardware but rather on how data flows through that hardware.
  2. In computing, what are historical readings used as a measurement for future calculations referred to as?
    Keeping and reviewing baselines is an essential part of the administrator’s role.
  3. True or False: Both logical and physical network diagrams provide an overview of the network layout and function.
    True. Both logical and physical network diagrams provide an overview of the network layout and function.
  4. quality documentation should include
    • Wiring layout
    • Server configuration
    • Network equipment
    • Key applications
    • Detailed account of network services
    • Network procedures
  5. The physical documentation of the network should include the following elements:
    • . Cabling information: A visual description of all the physical communication links, including all cabling, cable grades, cable lengths, WAN cabling, and more.
    • . Servers: The server names and IP addresses, types of servers, and domain membership.
    • . Network devices: The location of the devices on the network. This includes the printers, hubs, switches, routers, gateways, and more.
    • . Wide area network: The location and devices of the WAN and components.
    • . User information: Some user information, including the number of local and remote users.
  6. Capturing
    Collecting network statistics is a process called capturing
  7. Policies
    By definition, policies refer to an organization’s documented rules about what is to be done, or not done, and why.
  8. Procedures
    Network procedures differ from policies in that they describe how tasks are to be performed.
  9. Configuration Documentation
    One other critical form of documentation is configuration documentation. Many administrators feel they could never forget the configuration of a router, server, or switch, but it often happens. Although it’s often a thankless, time-consuming task, documenting the network hardware and software configurations is critical for continued network functionality.
  10. Regulations
    Regulations are actual legal restrictions with legal consequences. These regulations are set not by the organizations but by applicable laws in the area.
  11. What can be used to capture network data?
    Packet sniffers can be used by both administrators and hackers to capture network data.
  12. True or False: Port scanners detect open and often unsecured ports.
    True. Port scanners detect open and often unsecured ports.
  13. Network management and network monitoring are essentially methods to control, configure, and monitor devices on a network.
  14. network management tools can provide include the following:
    • Fault Detection
    • Perfromance Monitoring
    • Security Monitoring
    • Maintenance and configuration
  15. Packet sniffers
    They are either a hardware device or software that basically eavesdrops on transmissions traveling throughout the network
  16. You should use two key defenses against packet sniffers to protect your network:
    Use a switched network, which most today are. In a switched network, data is sent from one computer system and is directed from the switch only to intended targeted destinations.

    Ensure that all sensitive data is encrypted as it travels.
  17. Throughput testing
    • throughput refers to the rate of data delivery over a
    • communication channel. In this case, throughput testers test the rate of data delivery over a network.
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