GI Disorders

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  1. What becomes disease when complications arise such as FTT, bleeding or dysphagia develops?
    GER - Dysfunction of lower esophageal sphinctor – delays in gastric emptying, poor clearance of espophageal acid, susceptability of esophageal mucosa to acid injury
  2. How is GER diagnosed?
    • Barium swallow
    • 24 hour pH probe study
  3. What is the incidence of Cleft lip and palate?
    1:800 births
  4. Who has a greater rate of lip? Palate?
    Native Americans and Asians
  5. When does the defect usually occur?
    1st Trimester
  6. How are the clinical problems of cleft lip and palate manifested?
    • Speech (#1 consideration)
    • Dental
    • Feeding
    • Body Image/Bonding
  7. How is Cleft lip and palate medically managed?
    • Lip closure w/in 3 months
    • Palate closure 12-18 months
    • Repeated surgeries for growth problems
    • Orthodontics
  8. What are the symptoms of Tracheosophageal Atresia and Fistulas?
    Drooling, blowing bubbles and 'the 3 C's'
  9. What is the therapeutic managment of TEF or EA?
    • Gastrostomy (1st)
    • Resection surgically
  10. What is the most common reason for abdominal surgery in childhood?

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GI Disorders
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