U1: Vocabulary (Activities)

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  1. To (kick)box
    • (Kick)boxer
    • A Ring
  2. To collect (stamps, butterflies)
    • A (stamp, butterfly) collector
    • At home
  3. To construct/To build
    • A (model) builder
    • At home
  4. To dive
    • A diver
    • Pool/Sea
  5. To garden
    • A gardener
    • Garden
  6. To paint
    • A painter
    • A studio
  7. To (roller)skate
    • A (roller) skater
    • A park
  8. To play a musical instrument
    • A musician
    • A stage
  9. To play cricket
    • A cricket player
    • A pitch
  10. To play field hockey
    • A field hockey player
    • A field
  11. To play ice hockey
    • An ice hockey player
    • A rink
  12. To play baseball
    • A baseball player
    • A stadium
  13. To play softball
    A softball player
  14. To play tennis
    • A tennis player
    • A (tennis) court
  15. To do figure skating
    • A figure skater
    • A rink
  16. To do martial arts, karate, judo
    • -
    • Mats
  17. To do atheletics
    • An athelete
    • A track
  18. To go golfing
    • A golfer
    • A golf course
  19. How do you talk about activities?
    • Some activities are written with the -ing form of a verb (dancing is the -ing form of 'to dance').
    • This is a gerund. A gerund is a verb that ends in -ing but acts like a noun.

    • Some activities or sports combine with the verb 'to go'. But others combine with the verbs 'to play' or 'to do'. How can you tell the difference?
    • ------------------------------
    • 'To go' partners with activities that use the gerund.
    • [I go camping. I go swimming.]

    • 'To do' partners with individual activities; some are gerunds and some are not gerunds.
    • [I do figure skating. I do gymnastics]

    • 'To play' combines with activities that involve a ball or activities that involve a competition.
    • [I play tennis.]
    • -> ! There's 1 exception; you say I go golfing, even though you use a ball in golf ! <-
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