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  1. Identifying, assessing, and decreasing risk to patients and staff are objectives of the QA program to reduce exposure to what?
  2. A review of the QA program effectiveness must be completed with revision as necessary every how often?
  3. The clinical performance profile provides a format for compiling and summarizing individual-specific information per what instruction?
    BUMEDINST 6320.66
  4. An executive management team may perform the command QA committee function if it meets at least how often?
  5. Who interprets DOD, SECNAV, and CNO policies and provides guidance for Navy-wide QA program implementation?
    Chief Bureau of Medicine (BUMED)
  6. BUMED submits a QA program summary report required by DOD directives 6025.13 how often?
  7. Who may elect to have a fleet wide medical and dental QA program under the cognizance of the fleet medical and dental officer?
    Type Commanders
  8. Mtf and DTF claimancy 18 only must forward an annual assessment to reach BUMED by what date each year?
    15 January of each year
  9. Documents and records created per this instruction are medical QA materials and are therefore exempt from requirements of what act?
    Freedom of Info Act
  10. A medical record is considered delinquent if all required record components are not completed within how many days of PT discharge?
    30 days
  11. Who interprets policies and pro ides quittance for Navy wide QA programs?
    Chief of BUMED
  12. What ECOMS stand for?
    Executive committed of medical staff
  13. Quality assurance program instr?
    BUMEDINST 6010.13
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