U1: Grammar (58-59)

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  1. To have <=> To have (got)
    • To have
    • Describing holidays
    • Decribing eating & drinking
    • Talking about a shower, a bath or a wash

    • To have (got)
    • Indicating possession/ownership
    • Describing people
    • Family connections
  2. Prepositions of place
    • At: specific places
    • [at home, school, back of..., front of..., ...]

    • In: spaces
    • [In bed, hospital, the street, photograph, a park,...]

    • On: surfaces
    • [On the farm, the left/right, the ...grass/floor/ground, television, a horse,...]
  3. Prepositions of Time
    • AT
    • [Time of day, celebrations, part of day (at night), fixed expressions,...]

    • IN
    • [Months, years, seasons, part of day, duration,...]

    • ON
    • [Days of the week, dates, special holidays, special part of the day,...]
    • ------------------
    • After: later than
    • Before: ealier than
    • Between...and: time that seperates two points
    • By: not later than a special time
    • During: through the whole period of time
    • For: period of time
    • From...until(till): two points from a period
    • Until(till): no later than a special time
    • Up to: not more than a special time
    • Within: during a period of time
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