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  1. What is the name of the drug and alcohol abuse prevention and control instruction?
    OPNAVINST 5350.4D
  2. What is a DAAR?
    Drug Alcohol Assessment Report
  3. What is the disposition of any enlisted person new accessions determined to be alcohol dependent?
    180 days
  4. What are the required unit quotas determined by navydruglabs?
  5. What is the Navy Drug Screening Program (NDSP)?
  6. What is ALCOHOL -AWARE?
    class for E4 and below, junior officers
  7. What is PREVENT?
    class for 18-25 yrs old
  8. What is ADAMS?
    Alcohol Drug abuse managers supervisor, class for E-5 and above
  9. What is ADAMS for managers?
    class for senior personnel
  10. What is the goal of the navy IRT drugs and alcohol?
    Free of drugs and alcohol
  11. What are the major elements of the program?
    time, place and quantity
  12. What is the navy's policy on drug use?
    zero tolerance
  13. What is the navy's policy on alcohol?
    responsible use
  14. What is responsible use according to the navy?
    know how much to drink before inhibiting self control
  15. Should a DUI/DWI be annotated on an eval/fitrep?
  16. What is ADMITS?
    Alcohol Drug Management Intervention Tracking System
  17. What is NDAAC?
    Navy Drugs and Alcohol Advisory Council
  18. What rank should the primary DAPA be?
    E-7 and above; Assistant- E5 and above
  19. Can the command DAPA be assigned the duties as Urinalysis Program Coordinators(UPC)?
    No. and IDC
  20. Does a sailor have to go to medical after an ARI?
    Yes. screen by medical
  21. What rank is recommended for UPC?
    E-7 and above
  22. What is a self- referral?
    Member goes on his own free will prior to any problem regardless of age
  23. What is a Command- referral?
    Command recommendation
  24. When is a member required to get a referral for screening?
    when there has been an alcohol related incident
  25. What is ex. of a treatment failure?
    refuse treatment, have another incident, unwilling to participate
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