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  1. In the 12th century AD the ancestors of the Russians were divided into
    c. three distinct languages.
  2. Mongol-Tatars and appanage Russians influenced one another relatively little because
    b. they were both in the pupae stage of civilized development.
  3. Peter’s decision to Europeanize his country was decisive and revolutionary because
    • a. the state was incomparably more powerful than any other institution.
    • b. the personality of the tsar was the main force in Russia.
    • c. prior to his reign western influence was unknown in Russia.
  4. Empress Anne’s picked successor, two-month-old Ivan VI,
    a. reigned for less than a year and spent the rest of his short life in prison.
  5. The first Russian ruler seriously to consider establishing a university in Russia was
    b. Elizabeth.
  6. Russian literary culture, prior to the reign of Catherine II, might be likened to
    a. a great birch tree, standing on its own.
  7. Catherine’s 1785 Charter to the Nobility, compared to the “Night of 5 August 1789,” exposes
    c. the insincerity of her insistence that “Russia is a European country!”
  8. After the Wars of Liberation, Alexander I did not grant a constitution to the
    c. Russian Empire.
  9. By mid-19th century, Russia’s 67m of people showed a social change of
    a. serfdom having peaked and in decline as a % of population.
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