Radiation Side Effects

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  1. Brain cancer during treatment
    Hair loss, headache, stuffy ears, nausea
  2. Brain cancer after treatment
    Cataracts, hair loss, brain injury leading to seizures or dysfunction, and memory loss
  3. Head and neck during treatment
    Sore throat and/or mouth, difficulty swallowing, hoarseness, loss of taste, stuffy ears, dry mouth, skin burn
  4. Head and neck after treatment
    Dry mouth, thickened skin, difficulty opening mouth fully, spinal cord damage, cataracts, swelling of larynx, reduced thyroid function, damage to bone and/or soft tissue, food passage narrowing, reduction in taste sensation
  5. Chest lung or esophagus during treatment
    Cough, increased sputum production, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, heartburn, chest pain with breathing, loss of chest hair
  6. Chest lung or esophagus after treatment
    Cough, shortness of breath, spinal cord damage, injury to the heart, rib fracture, food passage narrowing, and reduce thyroid function
  7. Breast cancer during treatment
    Redness, nipple sensitivity, swelling, pain, warmth
  8. Breast cancer after treatment
    Shrinkage, firm as compared to the opposite breast, arm swelling, rib fracture, inflammation of the lung with shortness of breath, fever and cough
  9. Abdomen during treatment
    Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, small bowel obstrucion, kidney damage, and liver damage
  10. Abdomen after treatment
    Small bowel obstruction, reduced kidney function, liver damage, spinal cord injury
  11. Pelvis during treatment
    Diarrhea, frequent/burning urination, hemorrhoid-type irritation
  12. Pelvis after treatment
    Rectal bleeding, small bowel obstruction, frequent urination, diarrhea, impotence, ovarian dysfunction (menopause)
  13. Left/right extremities
    Skin redness, warmth, swelling, bone fracture, decreased joint mobility
  14. Skin
    Redness, blistering, tanning, thickening, skin breakdown
  15. General
    Fatigue, decreased blood counts, loss of appetite
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