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  1. water and minerals can move from the soil to the root xylem. which statement correctly describes apoplastic path?
    intercellular spaces and cell wall regions
  2. what does abscisic acid do?
    maintains seed dormancy and winter dormancy; closes stomata
  3. what do auxins do?
    promote stem elongation, adventitious root initiation, and fruit growth; inhibit axillary bud outgrowth and leaf abscission
  4. what do brassinosteroids do?
    promote stem and pollen tube elongation; promote vascular tissue differentiation
  5. what do cytokinins do?
    inhibit leaf senescence; promote cell division and axillary bud outgrowth affect root growth
  6. what does ethylene do?
    promotes fruit ripening and leaf abscission; inhibits stem elongation and gravitropism
  7. what do gibberellins do?
    promote seed germination, stem growth, and fruit development; break winter dormancy; mobilize nutrient reserves in grass seeds
  8. how do shoots and roots show opposite responses to gravity?
    • shoots grow away from it
    • roots grow towards it
  9. how does auxin promote cell growth in stem growth?
    auxin moves towards lower side and stimulates cell growth on the underside bending upwards
  10. how does a plant know when to flower?
    depending on the species, a plant is induced to flower when a particular combination of day-length and night-length in a 24-hour cycle is obtained
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