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  1. using supporting material  must...
    describe, represent and illustrate your speaking points
  2. Frequencies in speeches cannot be used ...
    to help the audience understand the magnitude of something by making comparisons byt can demonstrate trends
  3. Gestures..
    Have different meanings in different cultures
  4. Groupthink is...
    the tendency of group participants to accept information and ideas without sujecting them to critical analysis.
  5. If a medical doctor gives cutting-edge information on the threat of high cholesterol, he is...
     providing narractive material, lay testimony & expert testimony
  6. Impromtu speaking
    worries many speakers because they have little time to gather thoughts and schieve self control.
  7. it is important for a speaker to...
    incorporate elements of conversational style in delivering a speech.
  8. Knowledge of persuassive speaking contributes...
    to the betterment of society and provides opportunities for civic engagement
  9. Legends, fairy tales, myths and other stories are considered..
  10. Library portals are...
    electronic entry points into a library resouce and holdings.
  11. Listeners are likly to accept claims if they are...
    believed to be derived from reliable and credible sources.
  12. Listeners perceive a speaker who slouches as ..
    weak and unfocused.
  13. Listeners prefer simple language in a speech
  14. Many novice speakers are....
    not comfortable with silence and tend to use a lot of pauses in their speeches.
  15. Medium provides the...
    center most score in a scale of distribution
  16. Memorizing a speech ...
    stifles authentic and sincere enthusiam
  17. Most pubilc speeches are delivered
  18. Non-verbal communication helps ...
    establish speaker credibility.
  19. One key to achieving effective vocal varierty is to speak with...
  20. One way to evaluate the credibility of a website is to ....
    look for the last date the sire was modified.
  21. A bandwagon is...
    what people often use their own experiences to say that "everybody" believes something or does something  
  22. Pitch is...
    the tange of sounds a speakers voice produces from high to low.
  23. Pitch represents....
    the range of sounds from high to low or vice versa.
  24. Practice is...
    vital to effectively deliver and can alleviate speech anxiety..
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