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  1. what is a camera obscure ?
    • Dark room.
    • light entering a minute hole in the wall of a dark room
  2. the term photography was first used by Sir jhon herschel in 1839, what are the roots of the term?
    • to draw witht light.
    • light to draw
    • draw with light
  3. name the first official forms of photography? two
    • daguerreotype
    • calotype
  4. becouse of his first practical method of recording images in a camera, who is recognized as the Father of Photography?
  5. who perfected the paper-negative process of photography in 1841?
  6. nane the photographic process invented in 1851 that uses viscous solution of collodion, coated with light-sensitive salts.This process required immediate developing.
    wet plate negative process
  7. naem the photographic process, pattented in 1856, that utilized thin, polished sheets of iron coated with light-sensitive material witch yieled a positive image?
    tin-plated process
  8. name the photographoc process developed around 1879,that replaced the need for photographers to quickly develop the paltes and allowed the development of hand-held cameras?
    dry plated process
  9. what is the name of the photographic process that uses Nitrocellulose?
    Flexible roll film
  10. gearge eastman introduced the nitrocellulose in 1889. what is the name of that company? bankruptcy
  11. Define photography exposure?
    recorded image influenced by the amount of light received
  12. the Photographic triangle?
    • apature
    • shutter speed
    • ISO
  13. what are F-stops?
    the opening of the lens that determins how much light comes in
  14. whitch lens opening is larger f/2.8 or f/22?
  15. explain shutter speed?
    the amount of time the shutter open/closes to allow light in
  16. witch shutter speed is faster 1/15 or 1/550?
  17. explain ISO?
    the films sensativity tohigher ISO can lead to grain light. 
  18. what is a correct photographic?
    when all the parts of the triangle equal to a "correct exposure"
  19. what is an underexposure?
    when not enough light has been expused to the film. (dark picture)
  20. what is an overexposure?
    when too much light has been exposed (bright picture)
  21. Define Depth of field ?
    the focus of the object from near to far
  22. what there things influence depth of field ?
    focal piont, distance to subject, aperture
  23. when a subject is shot at the same distance from the camera, witch lens provides a shorter sence of depth, a 43mm or 135mm lens ?
  24. with any lens, the subject will have a greater sence of depth if it is closer to the lens or further away from the lens?
  25. witch f/stop will provide a shorter depth of field, f/5.6 or f/22?
  26. witch f/stop will provide a longer depth of field, f/11 or f/2.8?
  27. what is depth of field Preview?
    its a preview of what you picture might look like before the picture is actualy taken. (button)
  28. what is an Isolation or Singular Theme Aperture?
    when focusing on one object and blurring the background. sharpness on a single are.
  29. what is a "who cares?" aperture?
    F/8 or around F/11 almost garantees a depth of focus on the picture
  30. what is Hyperfocal Distance?
    getting the subjet and "infinity" in focus. the hole picture in focus
  31. what is a creatively correct exposure ?
    the right exposure that will proved the desired outcome using the right combination of the triangle
  32. when are the best times to shoot your subjects outdoors?
    morning at sunrise or evening at sunset when the sun "light" provides a warm orange tone reflecting of clouds.
  33. an approching storm is on the horizon, what should you do with your camera?
    "keep shooting" and stay safe. storms add drama to the shot.
  34. an overcast day usually provides a certain phtographic quality to your images, what is it?
    overcast days are the best to shoot they provide the light balance of light for a good shoot. shadowless pictures.
  35. what is front is front light? how does this affect your image?
    illuminates the portion of the subject facing thephotographer flash affect.
  36. what is overcast frontlighting ? how does this affect your image?
    when front light is being flitered thru clouds but still directly in front of you. will produce warm tone picstures usualy in one color situations like in the snow. 
  37. what is side light? how does this affect your iamge?
    hardest to shoot due to shadows lights etc.. but provides a 3D affect to your picture
  38. what is backlight? affect on your image?
    light directly behind your object when shooting. provides a silhouette affect
  39. manny cameras have centered-weighted exposure meters, how they work?
    an exposure meter that gives priority to light measured near the center of the picture area, with sensitivity gradually decreasing toward the edges
  40. when should you use a tripod?
    a ptripod should be used when taking a shoot at shutters speeds slower that 1/30 of a sound to avoud blur in the pictures.
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